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About Campus Town Kanazawa (campus town Kanazawa)

Last update date May 9, 2019

With Campus Town Kanazawa

 In Kanazawa Ward, we work on "town development that we made use of vitality of university" in in cooperation with Kanto Gakuin University, Yokohama City University.
 We make use of strength only by Kanazawa Ward to have two universities, and as ward cooperates with university, makes use of idea and acting power of not only knowledge and facility of both universities but also university student, and vitality aims at unique town which there is.

With town development that made use of vitality of university in message - from - president

 Problem that we cannot know when we stay in university will be found. We think that there is flexible idea not to occur if it is not student.
 Campus town takes hand as well as local contribution through research activities each other as university having area raise and is activity to develop together.

 Yokohama City University always assumes local contribution one of the basic principles, but, in activity of campus town, realizes that by working on practical problem with local person, student grows up surely.
 We make use of idea power and acting power of university student and will work towards a certain vitality unique town.

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[November 18, 2008] We conclude agreement for cooperation promotion with Kanto Gakuin, Yokohama City University

 In Kanazawa Ward, educational foundation Kanto Gakuin (as follows "Kanto Gakuin"), two corporations called public university corporation Yokohama City University (as follows "Yokohama City University") have campus in ward.
 Both corporations cooperated with ward in various business individually, but concluded agreement until now to strengthen tripartite cooperation, cooperation, and to aim at "Campus Town Kanazawa" (town development with university).
 We held the signing ceremony at Kanazawa Ward government office on November 18, 2008, and Ishii, Kanazawa-ku Director General, Kanto Gakuin Director Naito, Yokohama City University Director Honda exchanged agreement.

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