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What is LINKAI Yokohama Kanazawa?

Final update date December 15, 2020

"LINKAI Yokohama Kanazawa"

LINKAI Yokohama Kanazawa is an area born from the sea through three landfill projects by Yokohama City, which began with the landfill work in the second phase of the Negishi Bay Landfill Project in 1967.
There are more than 1,000 companies and offices here.

2017 "LINKAI Yokohama Kanazawa" nickname decided!

In 2017, the nickname of this area was decided as "LINKAI Yokohama Kanazawa" and logos were created!

Progress of New Name Decision

This area is still developing, but on the other hand, many issues are becoming apparent in location companies due to the progress of economic globalization and the declining birthrate and aging population.
Therefore, local companies and the government worked together to consider ways to make this area a high value-added area where more human resources gather, and formulated the "Kanazawa Coastal Industry Revitalization Plan" in FY2016. (* See [Reference] below)
As one of the initiatives of the plan, we will give a new name that is familiar to this area, and we will examine it through citizen voting on the WEB and voting events at local events, etc., and decided on a nickname in December 2017 .
This nickname includes the desire to make this area, which has a good environment where many small and medium-sized enterprises are concentrated, an area where people can work and attract people. "LINKAI" has two meanings, "LINK (bond / connection)" and "AI (love / match)", in addition to the meaning of "seafront" in the coastal area.

"Kanazawa Seaside Town" Summer Festa
We also voted in the adjacent residential area "Kanazawa Seaside Town".♪

[Reference] Kanazawa Marine Industry Revitalization Plan (established in FY2016)

Tagline & Statement

※Tagline: synonymous with catchphrases and slogans
※State: A brief description of our philosophy and mission

Major Initiatives at LINKAI Yokohama Kanazawa

Introducing initiatives to improve and revitalize the appeal of "LINKAI Yokohama Kanazawa"!

◆Exhibited at Technical Show Yokohama, one of the largest industrial and product trade fairs in Kanagawa Prefecture.

From fiscal 2019, we exhibited as the "LINKAI Yokohama Kanazawa Booth" and cooperated with the exhibiting companies to promote this area and collaborate between companies.

Technical Show Yokohama
Technical Show Yokohama 2020 No.1

Technical Show Yokohama
Technical Show Yokohama 2020 - 2

"Aozora Factory" was launched in 2016 by a volunteer company in LINKAI Yokohama Kanazawa with the aim of transmitting the charm and creating value of LINKAI Yokohama Kanazawa. Replace a wide variety of LINKAI Yokohama Kanazawa's "manufacturing" technical products with hands-on workshops for parents and children (making things), and plan and operate as an NPO that hosts the workshop event "Aozora Factory" by industry-academia-government collaboration. doing.

[email protected] Park, Kanazawa public hall, 2020

[email protected] Park, Kanazawa public hall No.2

◆Premium Experience Tour in LINKAI Yokohama Kanazawa

Yokohama Seaside Line Co., Ltd. and Kanazawa Ward Co., Ltd. collaborate to visit companies and factories in "LINKAI Yokohama Kanazawa" using the Yokohama Seaside Line, and it is usually difficult to see We carry out tours where you can visit and experience the site.

expedition tour
Tour Scenery 1

expedition tour
Tour Scenery 2

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