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Kanagawa Ward life support section

Last update date November 29, 2018

The location

3-8, Hirodaiotamachi, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama-shi
The second floor of the Kanagawa Ward government office Main Building

Main duties, contact information

Life support person in charge

Main duties Contact information

Decision of consultation reception desk of social security, the application acceptance and protection
Protection costs supply and independence support to social security recipient
Consultation of life poor independence support system and reception desk and the later support
Journey sick person, death person-related duties and homeless outdoor life breakaway support

Phone number 045-411-7103
Fax: 045-411-0361
E-Mail address [email protected]
Window: The second-floor 211th window

Person in charge of desk work

Main duties Contact information
Payment of welfare allowance and credit management
The war dead bereaved protection business duties

Phone number 045-411-7133
Fax: 045-411-0361
E-Mail address [email protected]
Window: The second-floor 210th window

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Kanagawa Ward Health and Welfare Center life support section

Telephone: 045-411-7103

Telephone: 045-411-7103

Fax: 045-411-0361

E-Mail address [email protected]

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