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Kanagawa Ward book-reading activities promotion business

Last update date January 12, 2021

2020 Kanagawa Ward book-reading activities promotion lecture                                                       We experience "science of candle"! "It is why" Way of raising of intellectual power to begin with this

 "Science of candle" that Akira Yoshino who won Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2019 nominated for favorite book of boyhood "why is? It is why" One book which was clogged up with scientific charm to begin with this.
 In fun lecture when you brought experiment that it is easy by this edition translator, Yoshimi Ojima of "science of candle" "telling" which made the famous book plain as never before into, do you not swat scientific door? Participation of child who is interested in reading and science is welcome.

The details of lecture

[the date and time] The curtain rises at opening 14:00 at 13:30 on Saturday, March 6, 2021
[venue] Kanagawa, Yokohama-shi inhabitant of a ward Cultural Center "kanakku hall" (1-10-1, Higashikanagawa)
     ※Getting off at JR Higashi-Kanagawa Station, Keikyu Higashi-Kanagawa Station is immediate
[lecturer] University of Tsukuba science communicator Dr. Yoshimi Ojima

  Lecturer profile
   Academy High School graduation for women. Hokkaido University department of agriculture stock raising science department graduation, master's course completion.
   University of Tsukuba life environmental science graduate course bioindustry scientific specialty doctoral course unit acquisition withdrawal from school. Doctor (the arts and sciences).
   Of science education program for elementary and junior high school high school students with interest and interest resisting science in University of Tsukuba from 2008
   We are in charge of administration. We instructed free study of more than 500 students until now.
   In book what "science of candle" "tells" "on the weekend experiment that physical science power acquires" "is eaten
   There is scientific experiment selection.

[capacity] 150 (in the case of a lot of applications, it becomes lottery)

[others] There is no no charge for admission childcare

※As this lecture takes new coronavirus infectious disease measures and will hold, understanding, cooperation, please.
※For new coronavirus infectious disease measures, we use seat of venue every one. Please note that even people who had you apply together cannot have it is neighboring and sit down.

Application method

Apply by any of the following method.
(1) We propose from Yokohama-shi electron application, report service [application possibility period from December 21 to February 12]
 Apply from search or lower link by "Kanagawa Ward book-reading activities promotion".

(2) We specify the next matter to postcard or FAX and send [it must arrive by February 12]
 ① Full name (about 1 application to five people) of all the participants
 ② Address of representative
 ③ Phone number of representative
 ④ Consideration matters (only when necessary) such as sign-language interpreters
  [postcard destination] 〒 221-0824 3-8, Hirodaiotamachi, Kanagawa-ku
           Kanagawa Ward government office Regional Promotion Division "reading lecture" charge
  [FAX transmission point] 045-323-2502
(3) We propose at window [until February 12]
 You can apply even for Kanagawa library (20-1, Tatemachi, Kanagawa-ku), Kanagawa Ward government office Regional Promotion Division (the fifth floor of the main building 506 window).

≪We will tell about notice of result >> participation right or wrong by mail by around February 22.
※We manage personal information that we collected according to regulations of "the regulations about protection of Yokohama-shi personal information" appropriately and use only for notification of event.

2020 book-reading activities promotion lecture flyer
Lecture flyer

Activity target for book-reading activities promotion of the second Kanagawa Ward

We devised "activity aim for book-reading activities promotion of Kanagawa Ward" in 2014 and pushed forward book-reading activities to plan promotion of book-reading activities depending on regionality in Kanagawa Ward, but revised activity aim based on past result and problem. We open leading figure of book-reading activities to widen pleasure and charm of reading to many inhabitants of a ward alone and develop reading environment and push forward book-reading activities for new problem while coping.

Activity target

  1. We increase opportunities when child gets close to reading
  2. We extend support to book-reading activities of elderly person, person with a disability
  3. We increase leading figures of book-reading activities

Activity target for book-reading activities promotion of the second Kanagawa Ward (PDF: 882KB) (PDF: 882KB)

Reading facility map in Kanagawa Ward of tortoise Taro

We read book and reading in wide geyo Kanagawa Ward provides equipment and maps the world

As well as library, we rent book in district center or community house.

Reading facility map in Kanagawa Ward of tortoise Taro this (PDF: 2,480KB)

Information of each facility may change. Please refer to each facility for the details including rental condition.

Image of reading facility map in Kanagawa Ward

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Telephone: 045-411-7086

Fax: 045-323-2502

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