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Flow of meeting

Last update date August 9, 2018

Flow of meeting

Post normal regular assembly except the first regular assembly to discuss original budget becomes like the next figure.

Plenary session
We need attendance half of the member of the Diet fixed number or more as 1 opening of a meeting principle, and activity of City Counsil begins by the opening of a meeting sentence of the chairperson.
Bill is submitted on 2 bill presentation of a bill in the Diet opening of a meeting days. The presentation of a bill in the Diet means that we assume bill the agenda.
3 bill explanation proposers explain contents and suggestion reason of submission bill.
Member of the Diet asks about 4 question bills (question), and proposer answers this (statement).
We refer to the Standing Committee of relations to examine 5 devolution bills in detail.
6 general interpellation members of the Diet ask about measures of overall municipal administration, and the mayors answer.

We receive explanation about bill or petition referred in plenary session in detail from executive organ in each Standing Committee and we perform question and examine technically and in detail and should agree as committee or are decided whether we should object.

Plenary session
When 1 Committee report Committee is over, we hold plenary session again and are reported result of examination in each committee.
Opposite opinion is expressed agreement about 2 discussion bills.
3 decision discussion is finished and perform decision of agreement or objection about tatatokorode bill, petition that all opinions are.
Activity of City Counsil terminates in closing sentence of 4 closing chairpersons.

Other meetings

City Counsil has meeting held by need other than plenary session and each committee. One has all the members meeting.
It is meeting that all the members of the Diet raise all the members meetings to examine important problem in municipal administration, and is opened. The deliberation, examination such as bills receives explanation from executive organs such as the mayors without performing and express opinion.

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