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Principle of meeting

Last update date August 8, 2018

Various meeting principles are in Local Assembly to plan administration that is democratic and smooth, and is effective.

Principle of quorum

When we hold meeting and vote, member of the Diet above a certain level must attend. Quorum means the number of these members of the Diet necessary at the minimum present. As a general rule, quorums become half of the member of the Diet fixed number or more.

Principle of the majority

We decide the proceedings with the majority of member of the Diet present unless it is special. The chairperson does not have right that decision increases, but the chairperson is decided when agreement and objection became the same number.

Principle of open session

As a general rule, plenary session is to be released. We recognize freedom that news media such as freedom that person except member of the Diet observes meeting or newspaper, TV reports about the situation of meeting, and exhibition is to announce minutes. But we can do as secret conference behind closed doors when we vote in majority of two-thirds or more of members of the Diet present.

Principle of noncontinuance of the session

Assembly every exhibition period exist, and carry out an independent activity, and item which was careless in decision disappears with the end of for exhibition period during exhibition period, and it is principle that is not succeeded for later exhibition period. "Principle of noncontinuance of the session" means this.
But when we assume specific item continuous deliberation by decision of plenary session as exception, we examine the item during City Counsil closing in committee and can investigate and can vote without suggesting some other time again in the next exhibition period.

Double-deliberation prohibition

It is said that, as a general rule, we cannot submit bills voted for again once during the same exhibition period in plenary session, and one item may not be discussed twice during exhibition period.

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