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Committee (from June 8, 2010 to April 29, 2011)

Last update date March 18, 2019

In committee, there is special committee where it is installed in as needed because the Standing Committee performing examination of referred bill and petition, the City Counsil governing board to discuss about administration methods of assembly technically, investigation of identification in question examine from plenary session.

Committee activity summary

The Standing Committee desk placement

As it is not effective to discuss all bills carefully in plenary session, we are divided into some specialized committees and examine bill and petition, petition. This is the Standing Committee.
In City Counsil, eight Standing Committee is established according to the jurisdiction station of executive organ of city, and all members of the Diet become committee member of committee of one either. There are one Chairperson at each and vice chairperson two in each committee in one year for term of committee member.
The Standing Committee researches, and they carry out various activities about business of station to have jurisdiction over during City Counsil closing.

The Standing Committee list
Committee nameThe fixed numberJurisdiction matter
Urban management, general affairs Committee12 peopleWe examine about work such as planning, adjustment of important policy, basic policy, international policy of municipal administration administration, base measures, APEC Yokohama holding, compilation of the budget, administrative reform.
Citizen, firefighting Committee11 peopleWe get jobs such as information disclosure, human rights measure, gender equality, civic collaboration, the administration of a ward support, public information, public hearing, culture promotion, sports promotion, crisis management, fire prevention, anti-crime program measures, first aid, firefighting and examine.
Committee on Child & Youth / Education12 peopleWe examine about work such as youth development, nursery school maintenance, child welfare, school education, lifelong learning.
Committee on Health & Social Welfare / Hospital Administration12 peopleWe examine about work such as community-based welfare, welfare of persons with disabilities, welfare for the elderly, disease prevention, community medicine, food hygiene, infectious disease measures, management of municipal hospital.
Environmental creation, resources circulation Committee12 peopleWe examine about work such as global warming measure, environmental assessment, agriculture promotion, maintenance of park, the sewer, reduction, exploitation of resources of garbage.
Economic sightseeing, Port Authority11 peopleWe get jobs such as invitation of company, management support of medium and small-sized business, employment, employment measures, consumer life, sightseeing interchange, maintenance of the harbor facilities, promotion of port and examine.
Committee on Housing & Architecture / Urban Development / Road & Highway11 peopleWe get jobs such as development of city planning, adjustment of housing policy, confirmation of building, permission of development, comprehensive transport plan, parking lot measures, maintenance of urban development business, road and bridge, maintenance of river, road safety measures and examine.
Committee on Water Works / Transportation11 peopleWe get jobs such as securing of water source, the quality of the water measures, management of water supply facility, maintenance of water supply facility, maintenance, service management of municipal bus line, construction, service management of municipal subway and examine.

The governing board desk placement

The City Counsil governing board is established as place in coordination with opinion of each denomination, and it is talked with about various problems in City Counsil administration by representative of each negotiations denomination (more than five belonging members of the Diet).
In addition, we perform examination such as bill or petition, petitions such as the regulations about City Counsil.
As for the fixed number, there are 16 people, by one chairperson, each two vice chairpersons negotiations denomination one director is.

Special committee is committee set up as needed we examine about discussion case (specific problem of municipal administration determined by decision of City Counsil) or to research.
Seven special committees are set up and, in each special committee, do municipal administration problem based on discussion case or more important matter with research themes for committee member term and gather up proposal or opinion as committee about the theme now.
In addition, it is custom every year besides that the budget first, budget second special committee and the financial statements first, financial statements second special committee are installed each to examine original budget and financial statements.

Special committee list
Committee nameThe fixed numberDiscussion case
Special Committee on Metropolitan Administration and Finance System14 peopleWe plan early realization of big city system, and, for establishment of tax fiscal administration corresponding to the actual situation, investigation of basic matter about administrative and financial reform coping with promoting this strongly and change in the times and designated manager, incorporated administrative agency, affiliated organization consider.
Special Committee on U.S. Military Installations Measures13 peoplePlan promotion of return of the U.S. forces facility in Motoichi and the ruins use.
Special Committee on Urban Safety & Security13 peoplePlan security of civic life including child and elderly person, measures about various crises such as fires and medical enhancement and promotion of health promotion to protect civic life.
Environmental action city special committee13 peopleYou follow global environment, and you push forward weight loss, recycling of maintenance creation of water, green and further garbage, and, for realization of sustainable society, plan promotion of various environment measures.
Special Committee on Revitalization of Yokohama's Economy13 peopleYou create invitations such as companies, founding, venture support and new industry and push forward growth, development of the city company, and plan promotion of activation measure of regional economy to plan promotion of maintenance and urban agriculture of the employment environment again, and to support civic life.
Special Committee on International & Cultural City13 peopleWe push forward interchange with overseas cities, invitation of international conference and world contribution and send charm that seems to be Yokohama to the world as culture art creation city, and various people plan promotion of internationally sex rich town development measure to interchange.
The downtown area activation special committee13 peopleFor the making of city that fixed its eyes on next 50 years when we took advantage of the opening of a port 150th anniversary, plan promotion of activation measure of the city downtown area utilized seaside part around port and history of Yokohama.

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