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Vice-president greetings

Last update date February 1, 2020

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Yokohama City Council vice-president YATABE Koichi

It is YATABE Koichi of the Yokohama City Council 58th vice-president.
You see our homepage, and thank you very much.

It is city having maximum population in our country, and Motoichi holds problems that became complicated highly commencing with problem peculiar to big city. In addition, strong acting power that had flexibility while we diversify is demanded from citizen needs complexity.

The cause of such situation, assembly taking part of dual source representation notice the responsibility deeply so that anyone living in Yokohama can live lively and will show function that assembly should carry out to the maximum.

As vice-president, support Chairperson Yokoyama well and do while making use of experience that we repeated so far enough and want to aim at fair and smooth assembly administration.
In response to mandate from citizen's all of you, your further trust would be highly appreciated to be provided as it is determination making an effort sincerely.

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