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Role, work of City Counsil

Last update date August 8, 2018

It is citizen's representative comprised of member of the Diet chosen among citizen in election, and City Counsil is the pivot of citizen's autonomy.
As system of local public entity, inhabitants elect member of the Diet and the head of assembly directly each, and the Constitution of Japan takes dual source representation by the head as assembly and executive organ of representative system as the proceedings engine and, with assembly and the head, makes use of each characteristic in position of independence, equality mutually while respecting each other, and keeping checks and balances, and it is demanded that we play appropriately role.
In late years switch to decentralization society is pushed forward to realize citizen's autonomy that area fixes area at. In Yokohama-shi that is the basic local government having the Japan's biggest population, much municipal administration problems are developed commencing with problem peculiar to big city and become complicated. As assembly of big city taking much authority and responsibility, Yokohama City Council must show the function that you should perform to the maximum while it looks like it.
City Counsil grasps citizen's a variety of needs as citizen's representative and, aiming at promotion, development of municipal administration, makes an effort to be richer, and to make about 3.73 million civic lives one with moisture.
*Yokohama-shi assembly uses name called "City Counsil" by custom.

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