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City Counsil and the mayor

Last update date May 20, 2019

It is necessary for citizen's opinion to be reflected enough how you run municipal administration so that Yokohama citizen can live comfortably in peace. However, as it is difficult to talk about administration of municipal administration with all the citizens, and to decide, we choose "councilor" and "the mayor" in election and entrust that.
This system is called "dual source representation", and "legislative organ" is in Board of Education, board of elections, National Personnel Commission, each administrative committee of agriculture committee and checkup committees including the mayor in City Counsil with "executive organ".
We aim at realization of better municipal administration that has a relation, and finds fair administration by each other's checks and harmony, and respected citizen's intention such as "important pair" that City Counsil and the mayor take municipal administration in situation of independence, equality.
The mayor proposes in City Counsil based on law about important matter in running municipal administration including plan of the regulations to be able to be also known as law of budget bill and city. City Counsil discusses about them and votes. The mayor runs municipal administration based on the decision.
Relations of City Counsil and the mayor

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