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Authority of City Counsil

Last update date August 8, 2018

Voting right

When we do establishment or revision of the regulations when we set the budget for business that city performs, also, it is necessary for the mayor to get decision of City Counsil in cases that are going to make contracts a certain amount or more. Authority voting for in this way is called voting right, and matter (decision case) needing decision is established in Local Government Act.
Voting right is the most essential authority of City Counsil and is reason that City Counsil is said to be legislative organ.

The right to vote, agreement right

We are considered that election such as the chairperson, vice-president or election administration committee member of City Counsil belongs to authority of City Counsil by Local Government Act and perform these election.

The inspection right and inspection right to claim

City Counsil can inspect the situation by censoring documents and check affecting desk work of city. In addition, we demand inspection from checkup committee, if necessary, and receive report. In this way, authority to watch whether office administration of city or the receipt and disbursement of money are also carried out effectively justly is set in Local Government Act.
In addition, if there are any unfair facts, executive organ can take measures to straighten.

Investigatory rights

Because it is prescribed by Local Government Act Article 100, City Counsil is authority investigating originally about "Article 100 investigatory rights" and reason, overall municipal administration.
Compelling force is given in investigation and can demand appearance and testimony of the person concerned, submission of record, and there are punishment regulations to person who refused without sufficient reason.

The agreement right

It is authority to give agreement when the mayor appoints deputy mayor, Board of Education committee member or National Personnel Commission committee member.
About these election, decision of City Counsil is required as particularly important thing.

The statement of position submission right

Even if it is not work of city, about matter that close relation is in city, we submit statement of position to relations administrative agencies such as the Diet or country, the prefecture and can originally express intention and opinion as City Counsil.

The acceptance of petition and petition

City Counsil accepts request about municipal administration by document called petition, petition. Petition, petition referred to related committee is examined carefully.

The autonomy right

We establish assembly rules to push forward meeting smoothly and are authority that we can set voluntarily without receiving interference of country and the mayor about problem in City Counsil.

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