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Member of the Diet

Last update date April 30, 2019

The member of the Diet fixed number

City Counsil is comprised of direct vote of inhabitants with the right to vote by chosen member of the Diet.
; there is right (the right to vote) to elect councilor, and, in Japanese citizens 18 years or older, have the again right to vote to inhabitants with Address sequentially in the city more than three months;; there is right (eligibility for election) to run for councilor to people 25 years or older.
We set the member of the Diet fixed number of City Counsil of 86 people by the regulations. Councilor is elected for each 18 administrative sections, but can decide the number of members of the Diet elected in each ward in proportion to the population.
Term of councilor is set with four years. But zanninkikan of predecessor is term when we are elected in by-election.
It is from April 30, 2019 for term of the current member of the Diet.

List according to electoral district

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