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Schedule (2020 first extraordinary session of a local assembly) of City Counsil

Last update date May 15, 2020

2020 first City Counsil extraordinary session of a local assembly
Time (day)The opening of a meeting timeContents
Tuesday, May 129:15 a.m.The City Counsil governing board
10:00 a.m.The plenary session (first day) bill presentation of a bill in the Diet, question, reference
Wednesday, May 1310:00 a.m.International, Committee on Economic Affairs / Port & Harbor
10:00 a.m.The health welfare, medical committee
10:00 a.m.Committee on Climate Change Policy / Environmental Planning / Resources & Waste Recycling
After the health welfare, medical committeeCommittee on Civic Affairs / Culture & Tourism / Fire
Thursday, May 1410:00 a.m.Committee on Policy / General Affairs / Finance
10:00 a.m.Committee on Child & Youth / Education
10:00 a.m.Committee on Housing & Architecture / Urban Development / Road & Highway
Friday, May 151:00 p.m.The City Counsil governing board
2:00 p.m.Plenary session (the second day) bill decision, officer reelection

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