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Yokohama City Council library room

Last update date September 9, 2020


Request to citizen's all of you about the new coronavirus infectious disease extended prevention

  1. We take temperature with confirmation of health condition in front of room and ask you to come with the next room near at hand when it is the following state.
  • When there are fever, suffocation (dyspnea), strong tiredness
  • When we have symptoms such as a cough, throat even if slight
  1. When we visit country, area that infection expands sequentially within two weeks, we ask you with the next room near at hand.
  2. I would like a cough etiquette, cooperation of mask wearing.
  3. Before and after the use of library room, we hope that we perform finger disinfection and hand-washing.
  4. If there is at least 1m with other users, in the next room, we take distance of 2m and hope that we do not crowd.

For the new coronavirus infectious disease extended prevention, I would like understanding, cooperation.

Usage guidance

City Counsil library room is installed for the purpose of collecting book, materials, and keeping to contribute to research of member of the Diet based on regulations of Local Government Act.
Can read citizen's all of you as far as do not have problem in the use of member of the Diet, but rental of books please note that cannot copy.

The use time

From 8:45 a.m. on weekdays to 5:00 p.m.

※We call day except holiday of Yokohama-shi to prescribe in regulations Article 1 Paragraph 1 setting holiday of Yokohama-shi weekdays.


The neighborhood of Yokohama City Council the third floor of the assembly hall assembly reception desk, City Counsil PR section

Room entrance, reading

  • You receive "identification of use of City Counsil library room" and, in assembly reception desk, enter a room, and please wear during use of library room.
  • The use for the purpose of other than reading such as books arranged by library room including self-study and break is not accepted.
  • Searches such as books, please use search terminal. (This (the outside site)Online catalog is made from this.)
  • Rental of books cannot copy.
  • Please refrain from the long-time use of reading seat.


  • Please perform management such as valuables by yourself. We cannot take all responsibility even if we encounter damage such as theft, loss.
  • Please be careful not to damage books.
  • Please contact library room receptionist for extended reading device that use is hoped for.
  • In library room, please refrain from the following acts.
Shooting with cell-phone or digital camera
Call with cell-phones
 ※You switch off, or please set in silent mode.
Act to be a nuisance to other users including use of appearing apparatus of sound
Eating and drinking in library room
 ※We bring in drink with cover and can drink water.
  • Rental, return such as books of City Library does not go.
  • In addition, in the use of library room, please obey instructions of the staff.

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Telephone: 045-671-3047

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