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Tax (zeikin) oshomeisurushorui

Last update date April 1, 2020

Tax(zeikin)Proof(niece carrying) doDocuments(shorui)

NextIt is like (next time)Time(time) youPaymentIt is u ((swell)Payment(swell) tta)Tax(zeikin)Proof(niece carrying) doDocuments(shorui)NeedIt may become (need).
ScholarshipIt is ((we forbid calyx to carry)Study(study) to play;FRIWe get)Time(time)
House(say)Car(car)bai(or) uTime(time)
Nursery school(hoikusho) (Child(come) domonoCareHe/she does (care)PlaceIn (place))nyuIt is ru (yes)Time(time)
The residence period(zairyukikan) (JapanI can be in (nihon)SUN(hi) )The head(naga) kusuruTime(time)

Tax(zeikin)Proof(niece carrying) doDocumentsOf (shorui)The name(the name)
•"TaxationIt is ((there is a cold)Tax exemption(hikazei))Certificate" (we carry)
sonoYearIn (do) youPayment(swell) u "Municipal tax(shiminzei) Prefectural taxHow much is (kemminzei)?Proof(niece carrying) doDocumentsIt is (shorui). sonoYear"Of (do)Municipal tax(shiminzei) Prefectural tax(kemminzei)The front(ago of)YearWe were given for (do)SalaryIn (rapid Ryo)Calculation(keisan) do.

•"The tax payment certificate" (annoying)
YouPaymentIt is u ((swell)Payment(swell) tta)TaxHow much is (zeikin)?Proof(niece carrying) do.

NextOf (next time)People(people),Tax(zeikin)Proof(niece carrying) doDocumentsWe cannot get (shorui).
The front(ago of)YearWe were given for (do)Salary(rapid Ryo)Ward officeIn (kuyakusho)Intellect(do) raseteinaiPeople(people)
Documents(shorui)NeedIt is (need)Year1 of (do)MON(gatsu) 1SUNIn (nichi)Yokohama-shiIn (in the side, better)House(do) Hmm, we were notPeople(people)
•"Municipal tax(shiminzei) Prefectural tax(kemminzei)PaymentIt is u (swell)NeedThere is not (need)People(people) "The tax payment certificateWe cannot get (annoying).

Tax(zeikin)Proof(niece carrying) doDocumentsWe get (shorui)Place(basho)

Ward office(kuyakusho),StationOf (we obtain and come)kin(chika) kunadoniaru "Administration(Gyosei) can get at service corner.
Ward office (kuyakusho)Service counter in the city hall (gyoseisabisukona)
•"The residence(zairyu) card or "Health insurance card(health does not become dim carry)ji(is), too Please come in this.
Documents(shorui) is 1tsuIt is 300 (go)Japanese yenIt is (act).
dai(or) warinoPeopleSo that (people) getsLine() kuTime(time) is sonoPeople"Of (people)The residence(zairyu) card and "ProxyWe say (ininjo)Documents(shorui)NeedIt is (need).

About this pageQuestionThere is (question)Time(time)
Question(question) what want to do Contact(renraku) doPlace(place)
"Tax(zeikin)Proof(niece carrying) doDocumentsAbout (shorui)

Finance Bureau(zaiseikyoku) Tax Division(zeimuka) (Japanese(nihongo))
Telephone(telephone): 045-671-2229
Fax: 045-641-2775
E-Mail address [email protected]

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