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Tax (zeikin)

Pay city (do); serve

Last update date April 1, 2020


Tax(zeikin),Country(kuni)The prefecture(ken)City(do) nadogaHouse(do) HmmPeopleFrom (people)shu(atsu) meruoFRI.Country(kuni),shu(atsu) metaTaxWe do not consider (zeikin)LifeFor (result wins)shiWe are (arrive).ForeignerIn (gaikokujin)Tax(zeikin)PaymentWe are not precocious if we kick trap (we swell).
TaxIn (zeikin),CountryIn (kuni)Payment(swell) u "National taxWith (kokuzei)The prefecture(ken)City(do) nadoniPayment(swell) u "Local taxesThere is (Chiho is annoying). "National taxAbout (kokuzei)Intellect(do) Person from ritai in tax office (the side is better) in Yokohama-shibun(come) Please be.

Local taxesIt is ((Chiho is annoying)The prefecture(ken)City(do) In thisPaymentIt is uo (swell)FRI)

Local taxesOf (Chiho is annoying)MediumIn (cry),NextIt is like (next time)TaxThere is (zeikin).
・"Municipal tax(shiminzei) Prefectural tax" (kemminzei)
・"Property tax(koteishisanzei) Urban planning tax" (toshikeikakuzei)
・"Light motor vehicles tax (keijidosha-zei)(keijidoshazei) (Classification percent" (shubetsuwari))

"Municipal tax(shiminzei) Prefectural tax" (kemminzei)

•1MON(gatsu) 1SUNIn (nichi)Yokohama-shiIn (in the side, better)House(do) Hmm, be,The front(ago of)YearIn (do)SalarySuch as (rapid Ryo)FRIPerson who got "Municipal tax(shiminzei) Prefectural taxWe leave (kemminzei).
•1MON(gatsu) 2SUN(nichi) - 12MON(gatsu) 31SUNIn (nichi)Yokohama-shiIt is others from (in the side, better)PlaceIn (basho)hiki(hi) tsuetsu(come) Even if do, sonoYear"Of (do)Municipal tax(shiminzei) Prefectural tax(kemminzei)Yokohama-shiIn (in the side, better)PaymentWe are (swell).
•"Municipal tax(shiminzei) Prefectural tax(kemminzei)PaymentThere is not trap (swell) if we kickPeopleFor (people), how much is it?PaymentIt is uka (swell)Book(or) We wereLetter(letter) is 6MONIn (gatsu)HouseIn (say)Come(come) masu.
•Salmon roePayment(swell) ukaha,The front(ago of)YearWe were given for (do)SalaryIn (rapid Ryo)Decision(come) marimasu.
Foreign countryOf (gaikoku)CompanyFrom (if we meet)SalaryWe got (rapid Ryo)People(people),Foreign countryIn (gaikoku)Brokerage account(shokentorihikikouza) (Stock) includes (turnip)People(people) got;FRIIs (;)Yokohama-shiIn (in the side, better)Intellect(do) rasenakerebanaranaikadoka,City(do) Of thisTax officeIn (zeimusho)bun(come) Please be.

"Municipal tax(shiminzei) Prefectural taxOf (kemminzei)Report(shinkoku) (we gotSalary(rapid Ryo)Ward officeIn (kuyakusho)Intellect(do) raseru)

•1MON(gatsu) 1SUNIn (nichi)Yokohama-shiIn (in the side, better)House(do) HmmPeople(people),The front(ago of)Year(do) (1MON(gatsu) - 12MONIn (gatsu))SalarySuch as (rapid Ryo)FRIHow much did you get?Ward officeIn (kuyakusho)Intellect(do) rasenakerebanarimasen.
House(do) HmmWard(ku) It is 3 of this in Tax Division (City Tax Section) (kuyakushonozeimukashiminzeitantou) of ward officeMON(gatsu) 15SUNBy (nichi)Intellect(do) rasetekudasai.
SalarySuch as (rapid Ryo)FRIWe did not getPeopleAs for (people),Intellect(do) rasetekudasai.

NextOf (next time)People(people)Ward officeIn (kuyakusho)Intellect(do) raseruNeedThere is no (need).
•"Income taxOf (shotokuzei)Final income tax return(volunteering body to lack in) (CountryIn (kuni)PaymentIt is u (swell)TaxOf (zeikin)Documents(shorui))Tax officeIn (zeimusho)Appearance) which is ( We didPeople(people)
•Got;FRIIs (;)SalaryOnly in (rapid Ryo),Company(if meet) "Salary payment report(kyuyoshiharaihokokusho) (to youPaymentIt is tta (swell)SalaryAbout (rapid Ryo)Documents(shorui))Yokohama-shiIn (in the side, better)Appearance) which is ( We didPeople(people)

•1MON(gatsu) 1SUNIn (nichi)Yokohama-shiIn (in the side, better)House(do) Hmm, we are notPeople(people) is 1MON(gatsu) 1SUNIn (nichi)AddressThere was (jusho)City(do) Ward(ku) Town(town),VillagePlease let (irregularity) know.

•We gotSalary(rapid Ryo)Intellect(do) rasenakattaCase(there is grandmother), "National Health InsuranceIn (national health does not become dim)PaymentIt is uo (swell)FRIIs (; as for)PlusWe spread (just)Calculation(keisan) may not do renaideWard officeIn (kuyakusho)Intellect(do) rasetekudasai.

"Property tax(koteishisanzei) Urban planning tax" (toshikeikakuzei)

Every year(maitoshi) 1MON(gatsu) 1SUNIn (nichi),Yokohama-shiIn (in the side, better)Land(tochi)HouseSuch as (say)Building(of length),WorkFor (work)shiIt is u (arrive)Machine(we come and buy)ji(is), too We need in thisPeople(people) "Property tax(koteishisanzei)PaymentWe are (swell).
Yokohama-shiOf (in the side, better)Area designated for urbanization(shigaikakuiki) (House(say)Shop(show)shu(atsu) circlePlaceIn (place))Land(tochi)Building(of length)ji(is), too We need in thisPeople(people) "Property taxOther than (koteishisanzei) "Urban planning taxIn (toshikeikakuzei)PaymentWe are (swell).
WellIntellect(do) ritaiPeople(people),NextOf (next time)PlaceIn (place)bun(come) Please be.

Land(tochi)BuildingAbout (of length)bun(come) We want to comePeople(people),OneselfOf (oneself)Land(tochi)BuildingThere is (of length)Ward(ku) Of this ward office (kuyakusho)
WorkFor (work)shiIt is u (arrive)MachineAbout (we come and buy)bun(come) We want to comePeople(people) Yokohama-shi depreciable assets center (yokohamashishokyakushisansenta) (PDF: 117KB)

"Light motor vehicles tax (keijidosha-zei)(keijidoshazei) (Classification percent" (shubetsuwari))

Every year(maitoshi) 4MON(gatsu) 1SUNIn (nichi),Light motor vehicles(keijidosha) (Displacement volume(smart Ryo) is 660ccThe followingOf (squid)Car(car)) or motorcycleji(is), too We need in thisPeople(people) "Light motor vehicles tax (keijidosha-zei)(keijidoshazei) (Classification percent(shubetsuwari))PaymentWe are (swell).
•Salmon roePaymentIt is uka (swell)Book(or) We wereLetter(letter)Every year(maitoshi) 5MONIn (gatsu)HouseIn (say)Come(come) masu.

TaxOf (zeikin)PaymentIt is i (swell)(person)

"Payment notice(noufusho) (salmon roePaymentIt is uka (swell)Book(or) We werePaper(chew))HouseIn (say)Come(come) masu.NextOf (next time)MethodIn ()Payment(swell) give.

Bank(ginkou)Post officeIn (post office), convenience store "Payment notice(noufusho)ji(is), too Say this,PaymentWe are (swell).
Bank(ginkou)Post officeOf (post office)Account(kouza) (youFRIIs (;)nyu() From retearutokoro)PaymentWe are (swell).MonkeyWe do (already)Include(come) migaNeedIt is (need).

Company(if meet) of youSalaryFrom (rapid Ryo)Tax(zeikin)hiki(hi) OuchPaymentIt is u (swell)MethodThere is (), too.
Tax(zeikin)PaymentIt is unoga (swell)*It is reta (put)People(people),TaxOther than (zeikin)Arrearages(we forbid sea bream not to get)PaymentWe are not precocious if we kick trap (we swell).

Tax(zeikin)PaymentIt is unoga (swell)*It is reta (put)Case(there is grandmother)

PaymentThere is not trap (swell) if we kickSUN(hi) It is justTax(zeikin)PaymentWe bought trap (swell)PeopleTo (people) "ReminderWe say (tokusokujo)Letter(letter)Come(come) masu.
Letter(letter)Come(come) taThe backAs for (more)PaymentIt is wanai (swell)Case(there is grandmother),TaxOf (zeikin)dai(or) It is sono relativelyPeopleOf (people)Salary(rapid Ryo)BankIn (ginkou)nyuThere is (yes);FRIIs (;)City(do) But, we get. sonoPeopleOf (people)House(say)Land(tochi)bai(u) HeyFRIWe may get.

PaymentThere is not trap (swell) if we kickSUN(hi) It is justPaymentIt is ukotogadekinai (swell)Case(there is grandmother)

House(do) HmmWard(ku) Of this in Tax Division (Tax Receipt Section) (kuyakushonozeimukasyunoutantou) of ward officeConsultationPlease do (so).

JapanFrom (nihon)Appearance) which is ( ruTime(time)

JapanFrom (nihon)Foreign countryIn (gaikoku)hiki(hi) tsuetsu(come) DoTime(time)CountryIn (kuni)kaesaIt is ru (buy)TimeAs for (time),Tax(zeikin)All paymentWe are not precocious if we kick trap (we all swell).
OneselfIn (oneself)PaymentIt is ukotogadekinai (swell)Case(there is grandmother),dai(or) RelativelyPaymentIt is u (swell)People(people)Decision(come) mete,Japan(nihon)Appearance) which is ( ruThe frontIn Tax Division (City Tax Section) (kuyakushonozeimukashiminzeitantou) of ward officeIntellect(do) rasetekudasai.

About this pageQuestionThere is (question)Time(time)
Question(question) what want to do Contact(renraku) doPlace(place)
"Municipal tax(shiminzei) Prefectural taxAbout (kemminzei)
"Light motor vehicles tax (keijidosha-zei)(keijidoshazei) (Classification percentAbout (shubetsuwari))

Finance Bureau(zaiseikyoku) Tax Division(zeimuka) (Japanese(nihongo))
Telephone(telephone): 045-671-2253
Fax: 045-641-2775
E-Mail address [email protected]

"Property tax(koteishisanzei) Urban planning taxAbout (toshikeikakuzei)

Finance Bureau(zaiseikyoku) Fixed Fixed Property Tax Division(koteishisanzeika) (Japanese(nihongo))
Telephone(telephone): 045-671-2258
Fax: 045-641-2775
E-Mail address [email protected]

"TaxOf (zeikin)PaymentIt is i (swell)About (person)

Finance Bureau(zaiseikyoku) The collection measures section(chosyutaisakuka) (Japanese(nihongo))
Telephone(telephone): 045-671-2255
Fax: 045-641-2775
E-Mail address [email protected]

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