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About disseminating information in plain Japanese

Last update date October 8, 2020

We read this page in "plain Japanese"

Please inflect

May you not say that "we want to press-agent in plain Japanese for foreigners, but should do what?"
We made (the fourth edition) for "Japanese which was easy to reach clearly which told" in "plain Japanese" as standard to make sentence in useful plain Japanese for such a case.
Please inflect.

It is cover of telling in booklet "plain Japanese"

Summary version (PDF: 394KB)
For Japanese which is easy to reach clearly to tell in "plain Japanese" (collective version) (PDF: 2,345KB)
For Japanese which is easy to reach clearly to tell in "plain Japanese" (Chapter 1 - Chapter 4) (PDF: 1,496KB)
For Japanese which is easy to reach clearly to tell in "plain Japanese" (for the Chapter 4 vocabulary - end) (PDF: 816KB)
Collection of "plain Japanese" example sentences (PDF: 1,875KB)

Method of utilization

Standard compiled the point of disseminating information in plain Japanese; saying "aim at Japanese which is easy to reach clearly telling" in "plain Japanese,"
It is two copies of constitution of "collection of "plain Japanese" example sentences" that recorded renewal example using the point.
Both become quicker in understanding by inflecting in total.
In addition, which we want to disseminate information of in "Japanese easy for", please utilize this immediately as there is summary version which we summarized the plain Japanese point in compactly.

Please give advice about the fourth edition of standard

By the first edition, it is basic way of thinking and grammar nitsuiteomatomemashita of "plain Japanese".
About words that the government used from the second edition well, we put clarification of a term in "plain Japanese".
Add to the second edition "family register" and "child care" with the third edition, the field about the "welfare" "tax" "insurance and pension " "disaster prevention" "garbage,"
We published commonly used word with the fourth edition in the field about "my number" "traffic, road".

What used standard, and felt if have thought, please contact Japanese charge ([email protected]) that the Civic Affairs Bureau public relations section is easy for.

We promote disseminating information in "plain Japanese"

When we set "multilingual public information guideline" in Yokohama-shi and disseminate information to foreigner, we decide to use English, Chinese (simplified Chinese character), foreign languages such as the Hangul Alphabet and "plain Japanese".

However, we made standard of "Japanese easy for" while installing review meeting in agency in 2013 as there was not standard of "plain Japanese" until now, and getting cooperation of outside well-informed person.

Merit that we disseminate information of in "plain Japanese"

Foreigner more than 100,000 quite lives in Yokohama-shi from 160 or more countries and territories,
Toward the foreigner to assume mother tongue anything other than foreign language to set by "multilingual public information guideline" in "Japanese easy for" it is thought that it is effective to disseminate information.

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