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It is shi (arrive) ttao intellect (do) rasenitsuite in plain Japanese (nihongo)

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GentleJapaneseWhat is (nihongo)?

GentleJapanese(nihongo), JapaneseEven as for the person who is not good at (nihongo) yet Reading) which is ( It is easy to see JapaneseIt is (nihongo).
Yokohama-shi(in the side, better), English(eigo),Chinese(chugokugo) (Simplified Chinese character(kantaiji) such as), the Hangul AlphabetWordsBy (words) ForeignerTo people in (gaikokujin)Intellect(do) raseshiteimasu.
But of theseWordsThere are a lot of people who do not know (words). dakarasonoPeople(people) for and others "is gentleJapaneseIn (nihongo)Intellect(do) raseshiteimasu.

GentleJapaneseRule of (nihongo) NewlySpread (hit); did

2016 (2016YearIt is 4 (we do not sleep)MON(gatsu) 1SUNIt is 2017 from (nichi)YearIt is 3 (we do not sleep)MON(gatsu) 31SUN(nichi) in) ruleNewlySpread (hit); did.Japanese(nihongo)kyo(dumb person) time to obtain Study(mana) butokinitsukattekudasai.

It is cover of telling in booklet "plain Japanese"

Point (PDF: 394KB) of rule
For rule "Japanese which is easy to reach clearly to convey" in "plain Japanese" (all one book) (PDF: 2,345KB)
For rule "Japanese which is easy to reach clearly to convey" in "plain Japanese" (Chapter 1 - Chapter 4) (PDF: 1,496KB)
For rule "Japanese which is easy to reach clearly to convey" in "plain Japanese" (for words - end that Chapter 4 government office uses well) (PDF: 816KB)
"Collection of rule "plain Japanese" example sentences" (PDF: 1,875KB)

Use; person

Rule is easyJapaneseRule that compiled the point when told in (nihongo) "is gentleJapaneseWe tell in (nihongo) Share(wa) It is easy to cut Biography(ivy) is easy to breakJapanese(nihongo)Aim(meza) do; with (PDF: 1,006KB),
We used the pointBook(or) Comekan(or) OhExample(rei)shu(atsu) meta rule "is gentleJapanese" (nihongo)Collection of example sentencesIt is two of (reibunsyu) (PDF: 1,219KB).
It is easy to turn out that we use two together.
In addition, we are gentleJapaneseThe points (PDF: 395KB) of rule that we settled have of point of (nihongo). Immediately "is gentleJapaneseIn (nihongo)Intellect(do) raseshitaitoiuPeople(people), please use this.

About this rule of you Thought(kanga) eooshietekudasai

JustRule of (just) "is gentleJapaneseOf (nihongo)Thought(kanga) obtainWith (person) GrammarIt is gathered up about (bumpo).
And government office (we bake) is goodshi(arrive) ukotobano meaning (imi) "is gentleJapaneseIn (nihongo)Book(or) We came.
"Family registerIt is ((go and come)FamilyOf (kazoku)Information(joho) (The name(the name),Life(u) maretaYearIt is (do)MONIt is (arrive)SUN(hi) nado)) and "koiku(kosoda) te (Child(come) domooiku(soda) of words such as terukoto)Meaning(imi) "is gentleJapaneseIn (nihongo)Book(or) We came.
Use rule Feeling(feel) jitakotoya,omoi(main) ttakotogaareba,
In Japanese charge (shiminkyokukouhokayasashiinihongotantou) [email protected] where the Civic Affairs Bureau public relations section is kind to kyo(dumb person) please obtain.

mongoIt is se (we ask)Point(bloom)
Contents(there does not seem to be) Contact information(renrakusaki)
GentleJapaneseIn (nihongo)SekiWe lose (feel)

The Civic Affairs Bureau public relations section(shiminkyokukouhoka) (※Japanese correspondenceOnly in (nihongotaio))
Telephone(telephone): 045-671-2331
Fax: 045-661-2351
E-Mail address [email protected]

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