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Last updated date: 2020/1/27

Overview of incineration plant facilities (plant tour guide system)

You can view videos and animations of areas of incineration plants not usually featured on plant tours.
Overview of facilities here (the outside site) (English, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian)

Overview of incineration plant facilities (leaflet)

This single leaflet provides everything you need to know about incineration plant guide systems.
 English (PDF: 3,800KB)
 French (PDF: 12,585KB)

Video introducing incineration plants

This video presents an overview of the City of Yokohama' s waste management flow, with a focus on the incineration plants which feature in plant tours.
Watch the introductory video (the outside site)

Incineration Plants

Visiting days and times: Monday - Friday, from 9:30 to 16:30 (excluding national holidays)

Tsurumi Plant

Asahi Plant

Kanazawa Plant

Tsuzuki Plant

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