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Last updated date: 2020/2/4

Information on Waste Management in the City of Yokohama

Waste management overview

These slides provide flow diagrams of the City of Yokohama' s current waste management processes.

 Waste Management Overview Slides Digest Edition (English) (PDF: 902KB)

 Waste Management Overview Slides Digest Edition (French) (PDF: 610KB)

 Waste Management Overview Slides (English) (PDF: 2,056KB)

Waste management introductory pamphlet

Beautiful City Yokohama (2019 English Version)

This pamphlet provides citizens with a simple introduction to policies, data etc. of the Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau.

 first half (cover, contents, P1 - P12) (PDF: 10,219KB)

 latter half (P13 - P30) (PDF: 11,820KB)

Video introducing waste management in the City of Yokohama

You can watch a video outlining the history of waste management in the City of Yokohama.
Watch the introductory video (the outside site)

Master Plans

Contact Us

Tours of incineration plants, recycling centers and final disposal sites are available upon prior application.
Please email the address or call the number below.
* For applications over the phone, we provide service in Japanese only.
* When visiting, please bring your own Japanese interpreter.
* When visiting, please arrange your own transportation to the site.

Policy Coordination Division, Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau

TEL: +81-45-671-2503
Mail: [email protected]

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