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Other Major Ports in Japan

Last updated date: 2019/3/7

Other Major Ports in Japan
TokyoBureau of Port and Harbor, Tokyo Metropolitan Government (the outside site)
NagoyaNagoya Port Authority (the outside site)
OsakaPort & Harbor Bureau, City of Osaka (the outside site)
KobePort & Urban Projects Bureau, Kobe City Government (the outside site)
KitakyushuKitakyushu Seaport and Airport Bureau (the outside site)
HakataPort & Harbor Bureau, Fukuoka City (the outside site)
ShimizuShimizu Port Authority, Shizuoka Prefectural Government (the outside site)
KawasakiPort & Harbor Bureau, City of Kawasaki (the outside site)
Ports in ChibaChiba Prefecture (the outside site)
ShimonosekiPort & Harbour Bureau,
Shimonoseki City Government (the outside site)
SendaiCouncil for Sendai International Commercial Port Development (the outside site)
YokkaichiYokkaichi Port Authority (the outside site)
NahaNaha Port Authority (the outside site)
IshinomakiPort & Harbor Section,
Construction Department, City of Ishinomaki

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