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Organization of the Port & Harbor Bureau

Last updated date: 2019/1/21

Country Code: 81, Area Code: (0)45
Address: 2 Yamashita-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama, 231-0023 JAPAN
Fax 671-7158
E-mail:[email protected]

organization of the port & harbor bureau
OrganizationTel Main Works
Policy Coordination DepartmentGeneral Affairs Division671-2880general affairs, personal affairs, labor
Policy Coordination Division671-2877port planning and total coordination, coordination of disaster prevention plan, construction and improvement of final disposal site in Minami Honmoku Pier
budgets, account settlement, collection of charges, adjustment of national expenditure
Port Logistics DepartmentLogistics Planning Division671-2714logistics planning and logistics disaster prevention plan, coordination of construction projects of Minami-Honmoku Pier,
Logistics Management Division671-2873port operation, charge and charge schedule, promotion for shipping companies, statistics research
Port Promotion DepartmentPort Promotion Division671-2874port promotion, publicity, international exchange programs, port promotion planning and disaster prevention plan for citizen, management and operation of port facilities for citizen
Cruise Project Promotion Division671-7272cruise promotion, management and operation of Osanbashi passenger terminal,passenger terminal planning
Yamashita Pier Redevelopment Control OfficeYamashita Pier Redevelopment Control Division671-7312redevelopment project of Yamashita pier, land use in Shin-Yamashita area
Port and Harbor Property Administration DepartmentFirst Property Administration Division671-7179port property management, port property lease and land sales, architecture regulations in port area, control and management of the "Yokohama Port Information Syste"
Second Property Administration Division671-7130permit construction in port area, measures against abandoned ships, reclamation license, coordination of incoming and outgoing vessels
Construction and Maintenance DepartmentFirst Construction Division671-2879 design and supervision of construction, supervision of technique
Second Construction Division671-2875design and supervision of construction projects of Minami-Honmoku Pier
Maintenance Management Division671-7200maintenance and repair of port equipment /facilities/architecture, management and operation of the port facilities, pleasure-boats measures, port patrol

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