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Energy efficiency

Last updated date: 2018/9/26

Hydrogen energy



"Hydrogen-based Autonomous Energy Supply System" (H2One) has been set in Yokohama Port Cargo Center for a demonstration experiment in an energy management and usage energy in case of disasters.

Document: "Explanation about H2One" (PDF: 522KB)


In-vehicle model H2One

We work on promotion of hydrogen energy utilization and application enlightenment to a citizen by displaying in-vehicle model H2One by an event.



In January, 2018, We introduced Toyota Motor Corporation "MIRAI" one as a public car of Port Authority. Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV) of Yokohama city It is the tenth unit for the FCV introduction results.

Action in the container terminal

We perform efficiency, the energy saving of facilities of an action of becoming it to promote CO2 reduction and energy saving.


Hybrid transfer crane

It is equipped with a diesel engine and an electric storage device.We accumulate electricity and we roll it up and sometimes use the energy to wind it up, and to occur at the time of a fall of the container.


LED lighting

The LED of the street light in illumination and the wharf in the yard.


PV system

Setting of the PV system to sheds.

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