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About the use of RSS

Last update date January 23, 2019

1.To use

You register the following addresses with RSS leader, and please use.
When we use this service or information, "5 considers that we agreed to on using of RSS" and shall use in the personal responsibility.
■List of City of Yokohama, Tsuzuki Ward   latest informationRSS2.0
■Last City of Yokohama, Tsuzuki Ward   photo news; back numberRSS2.0

2.When we enroll in RSS leader

We can confirm new information placed in "latest information" of Tsuzuki Ward   top page on RSS leader.

3.With RSS, RSS leader

RSS is technique (format of XML format) to deliver update information of website or entry of article.
On RSS leader, it is structure which can read entry or article as list when we register the RSS with your RSS reader when website is doing delivery by RSS.
We can read in a mass because we can register origin of plural delivery with RSS leader.

4.About RSS leader

Please offer RSS reader by customer each person. We can download from the Internet. Free thing varies when we search "RSS leader for free" in portal site such as "Yahoo! JAPAN" "Google".
RSS that we set with PC is to RSS reader which is seen from cell-phone terminal.

5.In the use of RSS

Thank you for your understanding about next beforehand.

  • It is not accepted inquiry about how to use software which registration method of RSS leader, downloading method, third party including introduction of RSS leader provide. Please confirm explanation of each software and service.
  • Please use the use of RSS leader in the range of personal responsibility. About trouble that we produced using software which third party including RSS leader provides, we cannot take responsibility.
  • Service offer of our site is caused by delay or thing that we stopped and, about damage that user or third party took, cannot take responsibility.
  • Depending on information, we may be deleted after the delivery.
  • This service may stop without prior notice.

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