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Food education seminar

Last update date November 18, 2019

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 This event was finished. Please wait for next holding.

About food education seminar

 We are good and, as approach (※) of "local production for local consumption, food education promotion" with a Japan, hold food education seminar jointly with IKEA Kohoku.
 As you are going to perform story and foods workshop for making vegetables by farmhouse as well as story about food education by dietician by seminar, please participate by all means!
 ※We conclude cooperation agreement to promote Yokohama-shi and approach that they are good, and a Japan aimed at sustainable society and set "promotion of local production for local consumption, food education" as cooperation matter in that.

Held summary

(1) On the date
   Sunday, November 17, 2019 from 10:00 to 11:00 (reception desk 9:45 start)
(2) Place
   The neighborhood of IKEA Kohoku 2F restaurant exit (and it rises escalator the immediate right)
(3) Contents
  ■Story of Marui firm running agriculture in local Tsuzuki Ward  
  ■Foods workshop using products and Tsuzuki vegetables selling in Swedish foods market
  ■Story about nutrition by Tsuzuki Ward   government office Health and Welfare Division dietician
(4) Capacity
   Ten sets of general participation, IKEA Family member 15 sets
   ※All are first-come-first-served bases. We can apply to three companions (four total participants).
(5) Entrance fee
   Free of charge
(6) Application method
 (a) General participation (ten sets)
     Apply from Yokohama-shi electron application system.

 (i) IKEA Family member (15 sets)
     Apply from Family member page of IKEA Kohoku.
     ※It is necessary to enroll in IKEA Family about IKEA Family participation frame (15 sets).

(7) Access
 ・ Free shuttle bus
  ① It is about 20 minutes from JR, Yokohama municipal subway "Shin-Yokohama Station"
  ② From La La Port Yokohama about 30 minutes (travel only on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)
 ・Public transport
  From Toukyu Toyoko Line "Okurayama Station"
  Yokohama municipal bus 41 system "Shinkai Bridge" getting off
  From Daisan Keihin Expressway "Kohoku IC" exit is about one to the north (the Kohoku new subdivision area)㎞
  ※Please use parking lot of IKEA Kohoku.

 For details, look at IKEA Kohoku top page.

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Telephone: 045-948-2227

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