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Tsuzuki vegetables morning market

Last update date June 11, 2020

What's New

For prevention of infection spread of new coronavirus infectious disease, Tsuzuki vegetables morning market is canceling holding now. I apologize to people that the holding was looked forward to for the inconvenience. I'm very sorry.
About next holding, we are adjusting in schedule after September. We tell once it's been decided on this homepage.

About Tsuzuki vegetables and morning market

We call for utilization of "Tsuzuki vegetables" produced in ward to push forward local production for local consumption in Tsuzuki Ward  . Not only it can taste freshness of vegetables and fruit, but also haul distance of farm products shortens, and it is connected in discharge reduction of greenhouse gas occurring with transportation to make local production for local consumption.
Therefore, for the purpose of having more people eat Tsuzuki vegetables, we hold morning market every month in Tsuzuki Ward   synthesis government building on 4 second Saturday.
You have you know Tsuzuki vegetables featuring Tsuzuki Ward   through this morning market, and please go to visit direct sale place of neighborhood to live.

The dates from April, 2020 to September, 2020

State of Tsuzuki vegetables morning market

(1)From date <each 9:30 a.m. to noon ※It is finished as soon as it is sold out>

April cancellation
May cancellation
June cancellation
July cancellation
August cancellation
September undecided (we will tell on this homepage as soon as it is decided.)

State of Tsuzuki vegetables morning market

In front of Tsuzuki Ward   synthesis government building (the police department side)
(rainy weather: synthesis the first floor of the government building)

Take my bag. (shopping bag is charged)
By influence of weather, we may cancel without shortage of goods and notice of farm products.

About branch farmhouse

Branch farmhouse of morning market changes every time.
Information of everyday direct sale place of branch farmhouse clicks farmhouse name, and please confirm.

●About store opening day or branch farmhouse
Store opening dayBranch farmhouseSale product
Saturday, April 11Cancellation
Saturday, April 25Cancellation
Saturday, May 9


Saturday, May 23


Saturday, June 13


Saturday, June 27Cancellation
Saturday, July 11Cancellation
Saturday, July 25Cancellation
Saturday, August 8Cancellation
Saturday, August 22Cancellation
Saturday, September 12

Under adjustment

Under adjustment
Saturday, September 26Under adjustmentUnder adjustment

Inquiry to this page

Tsuzuki Ward   Ward Administration Promotion Division Planning and Adjustment Section

Telephone: 045-948-2227

Telephone: 045-948-2227

Fax: 045-948-2399

E-Mail address [email protected]

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