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Use of inhabitant of a ward facility

Last update date October 2, 2020

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Use of inhabitant of a ward facility
Name of the facilityAddressPhone number
Tsuzuki public hall (the outside site)32-1, Chigasakichuo045-948-2400
Tsuzuki district center (the outside site)2-1, Kuzugaya045-941-8380
Nakagawanishi district center (the outside site)2-8-1, Nakagawa045-912-6973
Nakamachidai district center (the outside site)2-7-2, Nakamachidai045-943-9191
Kitayamada district center (the outside site)2-25-1, Kitayamata045-593-8200
□■Availability, online catalog (the outside site) of district center■□
The capital field park (the outside site)Outworks of a castle 14-45045-944-0730
Tsuzuki sports center (the outside site)2973-1, Ikebemachi045-941-2997
Higashiyamata sports hall105-2, Higashiyamatacho045-593-4682
Okuma sports hall310, Okumacho045-941-9880
Tsuzuki pool (the outside site)2-2, Kuzugaya045-941-8385
Yamazaki Park pool4-19, Nakagawa
[(stock) Owens]
Chigasaki Park pool1-4, Chigasakiminami
[(stock) Owens]
□■Detailed information (Environmental Planning Bureau) of Yamazaki Park pool, Chigasaki Park pool■□
Yokohama international pool (the outside site)7-3-1, Kitayamata045-592-0453
Kamoike Park child log house3-2, Edahigashi045-942-1569
Nakagawa Junior High School community house240, Odanacho045-591-3131
Katsuta Elementary School community house266, Kachidacho045-592-1877
Kawawa Elementary School community house1463, Kawawacho045-934-8666
Capital field Elementary School community house2831, Ikebemachi045-941-9522
Kitayamada Elementary School community house5-14-1, Kitayamata045-591-8444
Hill Elementary School community house of continuance1-22-1, Edahigashi045-945-2949
Higashiyamata Junior High School community house2-9-1, Higashiyamata045-591-7240
Tsuzuki multicultural youth exchange plaza "we follow MY plaza"1-25-1, Nakagawachuo North Port the fifth floor of the mall045-914-7171
Tsuzuki Ward   child care support center Popola (popora)5F where 1-1-3, Nakagawachuo shopping town wants to match045-912-5135
Culture dream studio of Tsuzuki1-9, Nakagawachuo045-913-1123
Public facilities
Name of the facilityAddressPhone number
Yokohama-shi history Museum (the outside site)1-18-1, Nakagawachuo045-912-7777
Otsuka, saishodoiatokoen1, OdananishiNorthern greenery office
Tsuzuki Minka-en (Otsuka, saishodoiatokoennai) (the outside site)2, Odananishi045-594-1723
The murmuring park old folk house (the outside site)Shinsakaemachi 17045-592-6517
Tsuzuki Chuo Park2260, Chigasakichuo, 4-11-6, Edahigashi othersNorthern greenery office
Tsuzuki Chuo Park natural experience-based facility (Tsuzuki village forest club) (the outside site)57-8, Chigasakichuo045-941-0987
Chigasaki Park nature life garden (the outside site)1-4, Chigasakiminami045-945-0816
Art forum Azamino (the outside site) (the man and woman participation in planning center Yokohama north)1-17-3, Azaminominami, Aoba-ku045-910-5700
Art forum Azamino (the outside site) (Yokohama citizen gallery Azamino)1-17-3, Azaminominami, Aoba-ku045-910-5656
Welfare facilities
Name of the facility
Tsuzuki Ward   Council of Social Welfare (to outside page) (the outside site)
Community care plaza
Welfare for the elderly facility (to page of Health and Social Welfare Bureau)
Person with a disability facility, child with a disability facility (to page of Health and Social Welfare Bureau)
Person with a disability training rest center Ayumi Yokohama-so (to outside page) (the outside site)
Follow; local action home kusabue (to outside page) (the outside site)

To Yokohama nersery room (Tsuzuki Ward  ) list (the outside site)

To the authorization nursery school (Tsuzuki Ward  ) list (the outside site)

To list of kindergarten, Centers for Early Childhood Education and Care

Elementary school (public)
Name of the facilityAddressPhone number
Yamada Elementary School (the outside site)3-29-1, Higashiyamata045-592-3615
Sumiregaoka Elementary School (the outside site)34, Sumiregaoka045-592-0031
Katsuta Elementary School (the outside site)266, Kachidacho045-592-3612
Nakagawa Elementary School (the outside site)2-21-1, Ushikubohigashi045-591-3540
Chigasaki Elementary School (the outside site)1-11-1, Chigasakiminami045-942-2444
Nakagawanishi Elementary School (the outside site)1-3-1, Nakagawa045-912-1286
The best elementary school (the outside site) in Edahigashi3-5-1, Edahigashi045-941-7630
Edaminami Elementary School (the outside site)2-5-2, Edaminami045-942-1040
Capital field Elementary School (the outside site)2831, Ikebemachi045-941-2049
Capital field west Elementary School (the outside site)2452-1, Ikebemachi045-933-7652
Kawawa Elementary School (the outside site)1463, Kawawacho045-931-2272
Folding book elementary school (the outside site)1321, Orimotocho045-942-6664
Eda Elementary School (the outside site)694, Edaminamicho045-911-0149
Chigasaki stand elementary school (the outside site)13-1, Nagasaka045-942-8510
Kawawa east Elementary School (the outside site)21-2, Fujimigaoka045-942-8130
Kitayamada Elementary School (the outside site)5-14-1, Kitayamata045-592-0061
Minamiyamada Elementary School (the outside site)2-27-1, Minamiyamada045-593-9491
Tsuzuki Elementary School (the outside site)6-2-1, Nakagawa045-913-6871
Hill Elementary School of continuance (the outside site)1-22-1, Edahigashi045-944-3461
Higashiyamata Elementary School (the outside site)1-4-1, Higashiyamata045-594-4851
Chigasakihigashi Elementary School (the outside site)2-11-1, Chigasakihigashi045-943-0802
Ushikubo Elementary School (the outside site)1-23-1, Ushikubo045-912-5700
Junior high school (public)
Name of the facilityAddressPhone number
Nakagawa Junior High School (the outside site)240, Odanacho045-592-3701
Chigasaki Junior High School (the outside site)1-10-1, Chigasakiminami045-941-0601
Nakagawanishi Junior High School (the outside site)2-1-1, Nakagawa045-912-1270
Edaminami Junior High School (the outside site)2-5-1, Edaminami045-942-0960
The capital Manabu Tanaka school (the outside site)2818, Ikebemachi045-941-2045
Kawawa Junior High School (the outside site)21-1, Fujimigaoka045-941-1361
Higashiyamata Junior High School (the outside site) (school management meeting)2-9-1, Higashiyamata045-594-5107
Hayabuchi Junior High School (the outside site)2-4-1, Hayabuchi045-593-8841
High school (public)
Name of the facilityAddressPhone number
shinnakawakenritsushineikotogakuko (the outside site)Shinsakaemachi 1-1045-593-0307
The Tachikawa, Kanagawa sum high school (the outside site)2226-1, Kawawacho045-941-2436
Kanagawa Prefectural Eda High School (the outside site)3-9-1, Edaminami045-941-3111
Private school, university
Name of the facilityAddressPhone number
Institute of Sales (junior high school, high school) (the outside site)3-43-1, Minamiyamada045-591-8222
Yokohama Junior High School attached to Chuo University, high school (the outside site)1-14-1, Ushikubohigashi045-592-0801
Tokyo City University Yokohama campus (the outside site)3-3-1, Ushikubonishi045-910-0104
Tokyo Yokohama Germany school (the outside site)2-4-1, Chigasakiminami045-941-4841

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