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We lend electricity consumption measuring instrument!

Last update date January 21, 2019

At Tsuzuki Ward   government office, we rent electricity consumption measuring instrument which can realize effect of power saving with number. We just tie measuring instrument to outlet and plug of household appliances apparatus, and it is revealed how long you use electricity at first sight. Please use for summer and winter time, reference of power saving that electricity demand is sublimed into.

Rental summary

[object] Resident in Tsuzuki Ward  
[rental period] One week (in the case of hope, please consult about ※ extension.)
[rental number] It is one per one household
[rental place] Ward office Ward Administration Promotion Division Planning and Adjustment Section (the fifth-floor 55th window)
[Reception hours] The ward office open agency date and time
Weekdays (from Monday to Friday) from 8:45 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
※Because number is limited, it needs reservations. Please let know beforehand by all means.
※At the time of rental of identity verification can do it, and have (driver's license or health insurance card), and come to the fifth floor of the ward office 55th window.
※As I hand simple questionnaire at the time of rental, please submit at the time of return of apparatus.

Rental guidance (the summer) (PDF: 434KB) rental application (PDF: 184KB) questionnaire (PDF: 222KB)
Rental guidance (the winter season) (PDF: 437KB)

User questionnaire result (we introduce a part of ※ opinion that we had.)

We had various impressions and opinion that we used electricity measuring instrument including method of what we tested by this measurement and power saving that we wanted to work on in future. As for everybody of power saving please refer to!

(opinion of user as follows.)

<using, and having noticed>

・Power consumption at the time of wait of TV confirmed that there was difference of 9 times.

・Electric rice-cooker or washing machine had little one fee for use than we thought, but microwave oven to use well was high. We are going to reduce waste.

・We were reminded of by high power consumption of dryer.

・We were surprised that power consumption of apparatus using heat power supplies such as electric pots was big.

<how you will work in future>

・We exchange with LED with a little power consumption.

・We felt that it was necessary to be careful about wait electricity. Not only master switches off, but also pulls outlet diligently. (TV, other than PC)

・We realized wait electricity. It is revelation we change wiring of BS cable of AV apparatus of, and to be able to reduce master of apparatus if we take policy to switch off.

・As wait electricity of Blu-ray was unexpectedly big, we changed setting.

・On investigation electricity was used for iron and rice cooker, range than oneself imagined and was surprised and was studied with various things very much. When electricity bill is shown clearly; "is dangerous! We thought, we must hurry and came to make vacuum cleaner quick, and really unnecessary plug felt some other time to pull.

・We served as a reference whether or not we changed contract amperage.

・Power saving awareness increased even if we knew wattage of household appliances without aim by knowing electric bill. Ratio of electricity consumption (rate) is higher than own imagination and, about refrigerator which always operates, wants to work on power saving from such household appliances.

<wanting you to improve>

・It is easy to use when he/she shows example to manual.

・Type that can transfer data to PC is better.

Thank you for your cooperation for questionnaire.

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