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"What will SDGs be? About holding of environmental adventure to enjoy in parent and child

"SDGs" to hear well recently. We will learn through various experiences!

Last update date September 10, 2019

Environmental adventure to enjoy in the first parent and child

Programs to be able to learn from aspect of SDGs about global warming are varied!

Held summary

[the date and time]
  Sunday, September 29, 2019 from 13:00 to 16:00 (12:30 acceptance start)
  Tsuzuki Ward   synthesis government building large meeting room (130 capacity) on the sixth floor
   ※Entrance fee for free, prior application are not necessary
   ※When it reaches capacity, it may limit entrance.
   ※On the day we will tell about held presence at the time of stormy weather in our HP by 10:00 a.m.
  Tsuzuki Ward   government office Ward Administration Promotion Division
[the cosponsorship]
  Tokyo City University
   ※We carry out this environmental course as cooperation business with Tokyo City University from 2013. Tsuzuki Ward   government office and Tokyo City University environment department and
    We work on various cooperation cooperation from 2000, and the media information department concludes cooperation cooperation agreement in February, 2010 and varies
    We work on cooperation business.
  World Wide Fund for Nature Japan (WWF Japan)
   ※Of lifestyle that Yokohama-shi and World Wide Fund for Nature Japan (WWF Japan) concluded cooperation agreement, and considered environment
    We work on the spread.


[let's learn ramma teacher and eco and SDGs happily!]
  We will learn through experiment performance about SDGs although being a pleasure!

[EARTH VISION (global environment picture festival) work appreciation]
 Let's appreciate prize winner of international picture festival which featured the theme of "global environment"!

NPO corporation soft energy project Director Sato

[experience-based workshop]

 ●We will write the letter to animal! (Tokyo City University)

 ●Let's run the Shinkansen!

 ●Craft making

 ●Solar music box, waste oil candle production!

 ●Bicycle generation experience!

[collection of abolished cooking oil]
  We collect cooking oil of used expiration, vegetism!
  1 liter of abolished cooking oil becomes electricity for domestic 1st!
  ※You close the cap well, and you put in the plastic bottle, and bring to venue!
  ※In the case of mint condition, it is just OK!

[panel display of WWF Japan]
  By cooperation of WWF Japan, we perform panel display about rare wildlife.

Let's make bioplastic from the second milk! (sponsorship: how square Yokohama)

Held summary

[the date and time]
  Sunday, November 10
  How square Yokohama

We will tell about the details in our HP as soon as it is decided.

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