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Last update date September 6, 2019

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September 29 "what will SDGs be? About holding of environmental adventure to enjoy in parent and child

Approach of Tsuzuki Ward   government office


"EVdeGO!" which electric car runs (the outside site)

About electric car (EV) which we introduced as public car of ward office, we introduce what the staff felt on EV in blog format. For reference in case of transfer examination to EV!

Green curtain

Green curtain
"Green curtain" which there is by bringing up crane-related plants such as bitter gourd or sponge gourd is effective in shutting out direct rays of the sun, and softening summer heat.
Here, we introduce idea to be able to easily work even on apartment.

Electricity consumption measuring instrument

Rental of electricity consumption measuring instrument
Do you know how long electricity of each domestic household appliances apparatus is used?
We know electric consumption with measuring instrument, and let's work on power saving. We rent measuring instrument free.

Yokohama-shi related site collection of links

◎Environmental city of the future
◎Yokohama smart city project (YSCP)
◎Yokohama Eco school (YES)
Power saving, energy saving measures

If ... setting, introduction is decided, please utilize subsidy! ...

Independence dispersion model energy facilities setting costs assistance for house
Fuel cell-powered car (FCV) introduction assistance
Hydrogen supply facilities maintenance operating cost assistance
The rainwater retention tank setting furtherance
The rainwater penetration masu setting furtherance in house
The roof, the wall surface tree planting furtherance

Other related site collections of links

Environmental household account book (we move to Yokohama-shi warming task force site.)

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Tsuzuki Ward   Ward Administration Promotion Division Planning and Adjustment Section

Telephone: 045-948-2225, 045-948-2226

Telephone: 045-948-2225, 045-948-2226

Fax: 045-948-2399

E-Mail address [email protected]

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