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Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama-shi: Electric car

Last update date March 11, 2019

What kind of car is electric car (EV)?

Q.Difference with hybrid car and gasoline-powered car?

A.Hybrid car and gasoline-powered car run in combination engine and electric motor, but do not exhaust harmful gas such as carbon dioxide (CO2) or air pollution material (NOx) causing air pollution at the time of run as electric car does not use gasoline at all. Therefore, electric car is called "zero emission car".

・Electric car (EV): Motor is driven by electric energy stored in battery
・Fuel cell vehicle (FCV): Motor is driven by electric energy to react hydrogen and oxygen, and to occur
・Hybrid car (HV): It runs in combination gasoline and electric motor
・Plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHV): Hybrid car which is rechargeable from home power supply

Q.Early characteristic of electric car?

A.Energy efficiency is several times higher than internal combustion engine, and it is characterized by powerful acceleration. In addition, as for as there not being engine, there being extremely little noise at the time of driving, big; is featured. In addition, electric car does not just contribute to reduction of Co2, and by using electricity by night, electricity bill becomes about 1/5 of gasoline cost at the time of charge.

Q.How long does it take charge time?

A.In the case of normal charge of 200V, it becomes full charge in about 7-8 time. Run of about 20km is possible by charge (as it is rare to charge, it is expected that we further shorten in substantial charge time by state that battery is empty) for one hour.

80% of charge is enabled charge for about 50km run in about 30 minutes in ten minutes if we use quick-charger of high voltage, high electric current.

About quick-charger and the double speed charge stands
 Quick-charger Mark of quick-chargerThe double speed charge standsMark of the double speed charge stands
Charge timeIt is about 30 minutes until 80% chargeIt is about seven hours until charge
(about 20km can be driven by charge for one hour)
Rechargeable car modelOnly as for the electric carElectric car, plug-in hybrid vehicle
Charge timeMinistry of three 200VSingle phase 200V

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