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Such an idea that we want to try in green curtain others to work on at home

Last update date January 21, 2019

In addition, we introduce idea to be useful for the making of green curtain. Please refer to.

It is hooked horizontal piece of timber (we throw and do) and window shade by outer wall which there should be

It is seed of trouble that nail and screw are not usable on wall.
When we arrange working wood of screw for horizontal piece of timber style at the time of design of a house and plan to attach storing-type hook and implanted hook, we seem to contribute to the making of green curtain.

We throw and do and suggest

Storing hook

Implantation hook

torerisu, obelisk which fix scenery

If it is curtain only for during summer, prop and net are enough, but can enjoy slightly stylish arrangement when they devise thing letting string pick quarrel in the case of green that we want to bring up for several years.

torerisu 1

torerisu 2

torerisu 3

It is watering with sprinkling planter and plastic bottle easily

When the rainy season is over, plant wants water than we thought. As plant draws up water, and evaporation heat to take is the material of the cool when we transpire from leaf, lack of water is place that we want to avoid.
Planter which base can store as the measures plays an active part. In addition, we can easily handcraft affusion device using plastic bottle, too.

Sprinkling fupuranta

Plastic bottle sprinkling 1

Plastic bottle sprinkling 2

Soil after cultivation sterilizes boiling water without throwing away and is refreshed

Trouble by planter cultivation is settlement of soil, but it is basic that does not do soil to repeated errand, garbage.
There is method to put in ameliorant and the plastic bag, and to expose to sunlight, but it is antisepsis to hang boiling water in soil that is said that it is simple, and effect is big.
It becomes soil usable repeatedly if we add magnesia lime and humus before reusing.

Boiling water disinfection of soil

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