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Idea ... of ... net installation to be possible in green curtain apartment to work on at home

Last update date January 21, 2019

Outdoor planting is easy to grow up most to cultivate green curtain when we think about quantity and watering of soil, in bringing up only limited space in apartment which there is not, there may be much considered that it is difficult.
However, we can work even on apartment without unreasonableness depending on invention. We introduce installation idea of green curtain for person living in apartment mainly here.
※The use of veranda may be restricted by terms depending on apartment. Please confirm in Residential Association.

We put up prop of thrust Paul

Thrust Paul prop

Places where terrace-formed floor spreads through will put up thrust Paul without fence on the first floor.


Prop of thrust Paul

We tie prop to fence

Fence prop

As for the method to be several places, or to tie prop to fence when fence is available.
Flavor increases remarkably when we make prop of bamboo and linen net.

Fence prop 1

Fence prop 1

↓Example using metal fittings for hanging the washing

Hanging the washing metal fittings 1

Hanging the washing metal fittings 2

We hand thrust Paul to sash

Sash thrust

It is one idea that case that there are not eaves hands thrust Paul to sash like roof balcony with high eaves, and put net.

Sash thrust 1

Sash thrust 2

It is hooked sucker by window of fix (fixation)

Sucker hook

When nail and screw are usable at window of infixing nowhere, net can swell if we attach hook with powerful sucker.

Sucker hook 1

Sucker hook 2

←To plant catalogue to trial idea→

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