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Green curtain to work on at home

Last update date March 12, 2019

One of the invention to make use of green effect in to the maximum in town is "green curtain".
With green curtain which raised creepers such as sponge gourd or bitter gourd at the domestic eaves and veranda, we soften summer heat, and let's spend coolly.
★Detailed cultivation method of green curtain ★(PDF: 8,468KB) (Minami Ward government office Ward Administration Promotion Division offer)

Effect of green curtain

We shut out sunlight, and there is function to improve heat environment by taking evaporation heat by transpiration in Midori.
We measured by infrared camera and, with the cooperation of family who worked on green curtain, actually inspected effect of green curtain. Green curtain which grew thick well suppressed heat by shutting out direct rays of the sun, and it was revealed that he/she prevented rise of temperature.

●Cultivation, measurement result in ordinary household

08 cultivation monitor measurement results

09 cultivation monitor measurement results

2008 cultivation measurement result (PDF: 1,102KB)

2009 cultivation measurement result (PDF: 629KB)

●Impression of person who actually worked

・Time to depend on air-conditioner decreased and acquired healthy lifestyle.
・He/she gives moisture visually.
・Pleasure of "meal" increased when we made plant to plant one which fruit such as bitter gourd became. nado

(reference) Approach example in elementary school ※We increase when we click figure

Kawawa east Elementary School(image: 147KB)

Kitayamada Elementary School(image: 144KB)

Edaminami Elementary School(image: 116KB)

Nakagawanishi Elementary School(image: 204KB)

As for the plant appropriate for green curtain, annual plants such as bitter gourd and sponge gourd, morning glory are representative, but taste pleasure that-related plant brings up for many years of climbing nature to shed the leaves in the winter season and is plant suitable for green curtain which can show gardening sense.

●If we serve as private vegetable garden with annual plant (including thing which perennial plant has difficult) and we utilize fruit and enjoy

Bitter gourd

Sponge gourd

Malabar nightshade

Bitter gourd (bitter gourd balsam pear)
Beautiful leaf has refreshing feel. In fact, to fried bitter gourd. It is not known that ripe red gelatinous seed coat is sweet very much.
Sponge gourd
Big leaf is most suitable for green curtain, but is careful about ventilation when we grow too much. We can enjoy the making of sponge gourd water and scrubbing brush.
Malabar nightshade
As it is creeper native to tropical Asia, growth of the summertime is very excellent. Boiled greens with dressing and vegetables with dressing, tempura, salad of saute can use young leaf widely.




It has been used as caliber from the old days. Enzyme agent to be able to easily pick up the contents without smell becomes easy to be available recently.
If it is brought up well, it is attractive to be able to expect crop without cease during summer. At good place of ventilation cultivation.
It is gourd native to the tropical United States. We are strong and are easy to bring up and produce fruit after September began. Fruit which crunchy texture has good is used by pickle or saute thing.


●If we enjoy beauty of flower and leaf with annual plant (including thing which perennial plant has difficult)

Morning glory

seiyoasagaoQuamoclit pennata
Morning glory
There may be many people having experience that we brought up at the age of elementary school. Expanse is possible to curtain when we make nipping several times.
Western morning glory
We have a heated mainly in autumn. It continues blooming in the daytime without withering away. (as for the photograph, blue hebunri)
It is feather-formed Quamoclit pennata that leaf is thin and cross with circle bar Ko so. Effect is finished when we match with other creepers.
MoonflowerBalloon vine 
Moonflower (calabash)
Calabash which it is said to be calabash, but takes perception Biao is gourd family. This has flower, sweet smell of Convolvulaceae.
Balloon vine
Bringing up that spill, and even dane produces bud easily when do, delicate, beautiful leaf, pretty fruit are attractive.


●If we enjoy fruit in perennial plant and Kimoto (mokuhon) shedding the leaves



Creeper of Kimoto letting leaves grow thick surely is suitable for green curtain every year.
It is said that it is easy to bear fruit when we plant akebi of 5 paper and Akebia trifoliata of 3 paper together.
It functions as green curtain magnificently when we induce in prop and net even if we do not make grape shelf.


●If we enjoy flower and leaf in perennial plant and Kimoto shedding the leaves


Perennial plant morning glory
It is said to be Ryukyu morning glory. We winter and become large stock. (as for the photograph, blue ocean)
We do by coming out in spring one season that becomes stock more than 3 meters when brought up. Both a lot of kinds and way of raising vary, but this clematis touches flower on string which lengthened in the previous year. (as for the photograph Montana Rubens)
We winter without dropping leaf if warm. As outdoor planting extends to many places in underground stem when we do, it needs attention.
soranamu (Tsuruha Nana's)
It is half cold resistance plant native to South Africa and South America. We winter without dropping leaf if warm. It is said to be yamahoroshi, but is different from usual cognominal.


←To drop of green coverage ratio to net installation idea→

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