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In fact, Tsuzuki Ward   asking for intellect is hot! Drop of green coverage ratio

Last update date March 12, 2019

Green coverage ratio (ryokuhiritsu) is one of the methods to grasp the green gross weight, and the sky says ratio of covered land to green when we saw by aerial photograph.

The change of green coverage ratio of the whole Yokohama-shi

Development of the suburbs part of city advances when we watch green distribution in these 40 years, and it is revealed that green quantity decreases.

The change of green coverage ratio of the whole Yokohama-shi







The green gross weight in Tsuzuki Ward  

Tsuzuki Ward   green cover place distribution map(image: 265KB)

Than 21, Heisei, Yokohama-shi year "gross weight of green" investigation (PDF: 1,688KB)
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A lot of parks have district for exclusive use of city park, agriculture, and Tsuzuki Ward   that it is apt to be thought that we are endowed with green is no exception, and 38.1% green that there was decreases to 33.6% in 2009 in 2001.

The green ratio increase and decrease

It is revealed that we lose much green even if with high, rate of decline largely compares Tsuzuki Ward   with all city average with -4.5%, and it is problem that green maintenance is important.

To green curtain working on heat island at home→

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