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Green curtain

Last update date January 21, 2019

We shut out direct rays of the sun by making green curtain at Tsuzuki Ward   government office and soften summer heat by transpiration from leaf and promote the spread of lifestyles to spend by power of nature coolly.

Green curtain

We will begin green curtain

In fact, Tsuzuki Ward   asking for intellect is hot!

Yokohama-shi summer temperature distribution map to read mainly on Tsuzuki Ward  

Why is heat island effect caused?

Drop of green coverage ratio

Green curtain to work on at home

Effect of green curtain

Plant catalogue suitable for green curtain

Idea ... of ... net installation to be possible in apartment

Besides, such an idea that we want to try

Green curtain of Tsuzuki Ward   government office

We work on green curtain in Tsuzuki Ward   government building and set passionflower to window on the library side of the government building front entrance and bring up.
Please watch state of growth.

☆Curtain growth record of Tsuzuki Ward   government building green☆

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