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German Christmas market in Tsuzuki 2019 held decision!

In Saturday, December 7, 2019, 8th Sunday Centerkita station square lawn open space

Last update date December 26, 2019

State of last year


 We finished the German Christmas market in Tsuzuki 2019 safety!
 All of you who arrived, thank you very much.
 Have good age.

 Tsuzuki, German interchange event executive committee all members

German winter charming sights "Christmas market" comes over to Centerkita this year!
Come to "German Christmas market in Tsuzuki 2019" reaching the eighth in this year in family and friends by all means with your friends♪
(we update the details at any time)

Venue: Centerkita station square lawn open space (Yokohama municipal subway Center-Kita Station)
The date and time: Saturday, December 7, 2019 10:00-20:00 Sunday, December 8 10:00-19:00

About holding
 Reference of the day of Christmas market
 ☎045-664-2525 (12/7 Reception hours, 8 from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.)

※In the case of stormy weather
  It is called off.
  On the day, only in the case of cancellation, we publish so in this homepage by 8:30.
※In case of rain
  We carry out unless it is stormy weather.
  In that case, we may change place of stage to "the first floor of Center-Kita Station concourse".
  We carry out eating and drinking, workshop in "Center-Kita Station lawn open space".

     ◆Place of the first floor of Center-Kita Station concourse
       We go out Center-Kita Station wicket and are in place that got off the right escalator or the left elevator to the first floor.

Announcement about Christmas market
Christmas market will not be cancelled for rain, but will be cancelled if it is severe weather.

[In case of severe weather]
We will make an announcement on website by Dec 7th 8:30 a.m., only if Christmas market is called off due to severe weather.

[In case of rain]
Christmas Market will be held as we scheduled except for Stage area. We might move stage area to Concourse in Center Kita Station. It is located at the bottom of the stairs or escalator in the station. We will not update our website in this case.

Contact during the event
TEL 045-664-2525


Sponsorship: Tsuzuki, German interchange event executive committee, Tsuzuki Ward   government office
Practice chairperson: Masayuki Yokota (Centerkita commerce promotion society's chairperson)
Member of the executive committee: Centerkita commerce promotion society, Nakagawachuo Neighborhood Associations, Centerkita station square park protection society,
Mosaic mall Kohoku where e project KITA, Tokyo Yokohama Germany school, shopping town want to match

Stage schedule

Saturday, December 7 opening ceremony
12:00-12:20 opening, held greetings (practice chairperson, Mayor Tsuzuki, German ambassador, Manager of German school)
12:30-13:10 Tokyo Yokohama Germany school (chorus & teacher band performance of child)
St. Nicolaus (Christmas drama) of 13:20-13:50 BOSCH

Stage photograph of last year
※State of stage of last year

About branch

We introduce shop this year (we may change sale contents)

・aseandohamaburusuto (a lot of German sausage), wine
・Great jar man Cook sausage, beer, mulled wine
・KOBATSU+ boo shell Germany beer, German food
・As for Tokyo Yokohama Germany school hot dog, guryuwain, puretchieru, the hot coffee, it is petty person
・Japanese marble Germany wine, sale of snacks
・Cane Daiso sage, drink of NPO corporation Hama
・BITTE German food
・Bosh galla; pop
・Morita firm (house of Santa) Christmas decoration, stuffed toy
・Yanase goods sale
・Yoneyama plantation miscellaneous goods, plant
・Association of Yokohama BBQ barbecue dishes
・RISE wine, Doyle beer, bulldog strike, hamburg
・Sampling, sale of wainhausugeaharuto wine

Workshop area
・Tokyo mi-mollet Joey candle production
・Maid in continuance - town factory expeditionary party - ornament production

(uyamairyakusho, the order of the kana syllabary)

※We sell goods of popular character "mouse" (TM) in particular in information center in Germany!
※In Tokyo Yokohama Germany school booth, we carry out popular Christmas make this year last year! (object is only child)

State of branch
※State of all last year

In answer to questionnaire, let's get present!

When we have you answer questionnaire in venue,
It is quite popular in Germany! "haribo" (mini-gold bear) is presented in every day by the first 350 people!
Can you encounter gold raise on that day?
(questionnaire venue: information center) 

In addition, wonderful German product hits by lot!
[fisura prize] One person
・Crispy premium frying pan 26cm

[kunaipu prize] For each five ten people in total
・Flavor 850 g bottle of gutenahatobasusorutohoppu & barerian
・Flavor 850 g bottle of bath salts rosemary & thyme

[haribo prize] Two people
・Assorted mini-gold bear set

List of questionnaire presents

Special plan! Let's make tree with continuance and - everybody whom ... manufacturing connects German!

In local company making rapid progress in original technique, the German company playing an active part in global based in the ward,
Tsuzuki Ward   which the one of the best manufacturing industry accumulation grounds are formed in the city.
To have many of you know this prominent technical superior product more,
We hold workshop which can make ornament! We can mention technique that Tsuzuki Ward   is proud of♪

We can make the one for home and two ornaments for venue tree.
We display in venue, and let's heap up Christmas market with specially made Christmas tree!

※Ornament workshop holding time 
  12/7 (Sat) from 14:00 to 17:00  
  12/8 (Sun) from 12:00 to 15:00

[maid in continuance - town factory expeditionary party ...
 Workshop cooperation company]
CORE Corporation electronic system
Coat tech
shinkoshashin service
First painting industry
First form
Toyosumi music glass
Jo from Nissei
Hayama industry
Beauty light Giken
Mikawa spirit machine
Mountain star Seisakusho
Rocky formation
(the order of the kana syllabary)

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