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About notice of 1 card (my number)

Last update date November 9, 2018

It was mailed to Tsuzuki Ward   by simple registered mail about notice card of with resident registration for from November of the year to December as of 1 October 5, 2015.
During this time, grant of notice card sent back to ward office was finished on Tuesday, October 31, 2017 without being mailed, and being received by absence.

Notice cards of moved from child and foreign territory given birth to 2 newly to are delivered by simple registered mail that is transfer-free in around three weeks.
When it has been past deadline for storage of absence contact vote without being able to get, as for the cases providing transfer notice of mail at post office, notice card is returned to ward office.

You bring identity verification material (driver's license, passport) to receive notice card returned by 3 ward offices, and come to ward office (the second-floor twelfth window). We issue notice card toward the person and the member of same household at window. For more information, look here.

When 4 proxy/agent (except the person and member of same household) goes through the procedure, next is necessary.
・Proxy (we need for each individual) from the person
・Identity verification material (driver's license, passport) of the person
・Identity verification information about proxy/agent (driver's license, passport)
※In the case of minor, adult ward, required documents is different the attention person.

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Telephone: 045-948-2251

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