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We deliver with video! "Tsuzuki Ward   dementia forum"

For the purpose of having you deepen understanding to dementia in Tsuzuki Ward  , we hold dementia forum every year. Dementia forum of 2020 delivers information about contents to video and lecture not lecture of usual from the viewpoint of new coronavirus infectious disease extended prevention. You see by all means, and I would like cooperation to questionnaire.

Last update date October 8, 2020

The twelfth Tsuzuki Ward   dementia forum

We assist, and person begins to greatly change way of life after we suffer from dementia now.
What kind of society is society which can spend everyday life with "hope" even if we suffer from dementia?
Each one and the whole area, great switch of way of thinking is demanded.


・Delivery period: It is Monday, December 28, 2020 from Friday, September 18, 2020
・Lecturer: Dementia care study, training Tokyo center Kumiko Nagata
・Theme: "Town development that is easy to live even after suffering from dementia in new lifestyle"
※We deliver in this page.


If you see video in part, I would like cooperation for questionnaire by all means.
We want to have you cooperate with administrative related organizations, all of you, all supporters whom you saw such as Yokohama-shi living in the distance by all means, and your inhabitant of a ward would be highly appreciated let alone citizen's all of you.

Part 1 lecture "town where is easy to live in even after suffering from dementia in new lifestyle,                   We will make together!"

Lecturer: Dementia care study, training Tokyo center Kumiko Nagata
※Part 1 is divided into three videos. We can have you watch from place with interest.

1: For new way of thinking, we change way of life, way of supporting! ... now, big turning point ... [about 26 minutes]

2: Intellect will make use of new system and service for days! Thing ... [about 30 minutes] to aim of ... "dementia measure promotion general rules"

3: To listen to voice of the person, we mend gusset which is easy to live together! ... living breathe; key to town development ... [about 40 minutes]

Approach [11 minutes 38 seconds] of Part 2 Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama-shi

Are oneself and family dementia? We introduce consultation and local approach when we thought of this. In addition, we gathered up about activity and thought of dementia support Network that was active in Tsuzuki Ward  .

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