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Ward office special consultation

We restart special consultation of Tsurumi Ward government office which stopped for new coronavirus infectious disease measures by telephone consultation sequentially from July.                 [special consultation to reopen] ※Reservation, inquiry to Tsurumi Ward government office Public Relations Section (telephone 045-510-1680).                                                      Judicial scrivener consultation (by appointment only), administrative counseling (no appointment necessary), authentication consultation (no appointment necessary)                                                    ※ It is only consultation over telephone for the time being. By interview cannot talk.                                      ※ We carry out legal advice (by appointment only) hakoremadedori, but become only consultation over telephone sequentially.                                                                        ※ Only Yokohama City Hall citizen counselor's office carries out traffic accident consultation. (please refer for the details including usage directly. Phone: 045-671-2306).

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