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About pet measures at the time of Tsurumi Ward disaster

We possess in the case of emergency and will usually prepare.

Last update date January 10, 2020

Toward the owner

Clear statement of 1 owner

In confusion at the time of disaster, we may become separated from pet. Dog's license tag and rabies vaccination finished vote, child's identification card, microchip will usually let you put on thing which owner understands in the body.

2 health care

Many dogs, cats gather at temporary breeding place at the time of disaster. Let's usually perform Pasteur treatment, vaccine, tick, the extermination of chisel to move to other children, and not to catch.

Securing of evacuation tool for 3 animals

At the time of disaster, relief supplies do not arrive immediately. Like human being, we will prepare emergency supplies for pet. Because there is weight of human evacuation tool on real evacuation, the one for pet should choose lightweight thing.
* Foods (lightweight dry foods are recommended. We will let you be usually used to eating)
* Medicine
* Disposal of excreta tools such as pet sheets
* Lead, collar
* Folding pet cage, carrier bag
* Breeding notebook (we fill in contact information of owner, photograph of pet, vaccination career)

Security of 4 imprisonment

We assume long-term life as an evacuee and will look for plural imprisonment points of pet including relative and friend.

5 discipline

Because many dogs, cats gather at one time at breeding place, we will usually need practice in crate (cage and carrier bag). In addition, we do "visit" basic discipline "waiting" for, and what we do is important to state that owner can control dog.

Toward the Neighborhood Associations

As circumstances are different, we talk about beforehand for each base and will decide rules of temporary breeding places of pet for each evacuation shelter (so-called refuge).

The 2019 second! Discipline of pet measures at the time of Tsurumi Ward disaster pet measures lecture disaster and necessary dog

In response to favorable reception, we planned the second in 2019!
A lot of stories helpful immediately! We return to house and train promptly‼
We give reliable hand bookkeeping brochure and pet sheet others disaster prevention goods of pet.
(that with pet we cannot participate)

Lecture content

(1) About disaster prevention of Tsurumi Ward (lecturer: member of Tsurumi Ward government office crisis control and management, area emergency management fixed-job worker)
(2) Pet measures that are necessary at the time of disaster and discipline (lecturer: Mr. member of happy dog life Emma representative, Yokohama-shi animal appropriate breeding promotion Endo Emma) of dog

  • From experience of the Great East Japan Earthquake volunteer participation
  • Thing which owner should prepare as the preparation of disaster
  • Training from necessary usual times and the method

 We explain in big screen using video clearly!

On the date

Afternoon of Saturday, February 15, 2020 from 2:00 to 4:00
(from reception desk start 1:30 p.m.)


Tsurumi Ward government office the sixth floor of the government building meeting room
For attention 1 rest agency day, government building parking lot is not available.
That is with attention 2 animal; cannot participate.
As entrance of the attention 3 government building front is closed down, please enter at entrance in between government building and fire department.


Free of charge


Apply by the Internet or telephone, FAX beforehand.
 Application from PC (the outside site)
 Application from smartphone (the outside site)
 When we keep full name, Address, Phone number, pet, please let telephone, person of FAX know type of pet, the number of participants.
 TEL 045-510-1845
 FAX 045-510-1718

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Telephone: 045-510-1842

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