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Yokohama nersery room

Last update date June 10, 2020

It is ... with Yokohama nersery room
Among child-care facilities out of the authorization, we authorize facility which met standard that Yokohama-shi made originally in "Yokohama nersery room" about facility standard or childcare charges, childcare time and are facility which Yokohama-shi supports.

1 childcare environment

It is facility for children under 3 (there is facility receiving where is older than 3 years old child).
※When we enter the authorization nursery school, and person planning graduation of Yokohama nersery room applies, in the case of entrance selection, we are doing priority highly (1 rank up)
We find about one of four children under 3, childcare worker.
We carry out school lunch in all facilities.

2 childcare charges

As for children under 3, facility sets 58,100 yen to the upper limit originally.
※There is system to reduce childcare charges up to 50,000 yen about child less than 3 years old child of household where is lower than constant income
About protector burden reduction system (PDF: 62KB)
When there are brothers using Yokohama nersery room, authorization nursery school, member of home childcare welfare, kindergarten, Center for Early Childhood Education and Care, as for less than 3 years old child, as for monthly basis 18,000 yen (as for the third boy in full), the 3 years old child, monthly basis 9,450 yen childcare charges is reduced.
About brothers reduction of childcare charges (PDF: 42KB)
Consumption tax is tax-free. But other actual expenses burdens may tax.

3 childcare time

From 7:30 to 15:30 are basic childcare time on Saturday for from 7:30 to 18:30 on weekdays.
There is facility performing extended childcare.
There is facility raising on holiday.

Elementary school student which is targeted for 4

We are living in Yokohama-shi and set to work more than 16 days a month, four hours a day, and elementary school student that protector cannot raise child is object. (entrance requirements are the same as the authorization nursery school)

5 application methods

With facility is contracted directly. We confirm childcare charges, childcare contents well, and protector apply directly.
※When we use Yokohama nersery room from 2015, supply certification application is necessary.
In addition, actually, it has nothing to do with time to keep "for a short time" in Yokohama nersery room in "standard time" listed in supply authorized notice.

6 and others

There is facility carrying out "temporary childcare". As childcare time varies according to each facility, please refer to facility which you want to use directly. As the use limit is different from temporary childcare carrying out in the authorization nursery school, please be careful.

List of 7 Yokohama nersery rooms (the Tsurumi Ward)

For more details, please see list of Yokohama nersery rooms and page of the entrance situation. (Child and Youth Bureau HP)

About list of Yokohama nersery rooms in Tsurumi Ward

Name of the facility



Contact information

3 years old
The above

At one time


Akebono combination nursery school


3-26-18, Tsurumichuuo
Palace Tsurumi 308



Kangaroo unification nursery school


4-36-17, Tsurumichuuo

Central the second floor of the maison



Nursery school sky wing


5-11-8-4F, Tsurumichuuo521-8880




Nursery school sky wing sunny


5-11-8, Tsurumichuuo521-7200Available



Yako bud nursery school


4-5-26, Yakou Hama building 1F572-0210Unavailable



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