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Authorization nursery school, homey childcare business, small childcare business

Last update date June 10, 2020

When there is the situation needing childcare of child, authorization nursery school and small childcare business can propose to homey childcare business.

[facility, business that the use application is available for]
Facility, businessConduct ageContents
The authorization nursery schoolFrom 0 years old to 5 years oldWhen we need childcare of child because of working or disease of protector, it is child welfare institution raising in place of protector. There are municipal nursery school which Yokohama-shi installs and private nursery school which social welfare corporation installs in the authorization nursery school of Yokohama-shi.
Center for Early Childhood Education and Care
(nursery school part)
It is facility having both function and characteristics of kindergarten and nursery school.
Homey childcare businessFrom 0 years old to 2 years oldIt is business to carry out careful childcare targeting at few people under the homey atmosphere to three children per one domestic childminder. When there is assistant, it applies to five people.
Small childcare businessIf capacity is 19 or less more than six people, it is business to carry out smooth childcare in relatively small environment.
Total of facility is divided into type A, type B, C type (please refer to this for facility type), and, among capacity and childcare workers, ratios of qualified person are different each.
Childcare business in office
(local frame)
In addition to childcare that company mainly carries out as coexistence assistance measures of work and child care to employee, it is business to carry out childcare to child needing childcare in the area.
※There are none in Tsurumi Ward now.

About child-care facility, business except the above, please refer to the next link.

Information such as nursery schools in Tsurumi Ward copulates, and please refer to ward child care support guidebook.

≪With the situation needing childcare≫

(1) When, regardless of company and home, we work more than 64 hours a month
(2) When preparations for childbirth and rest after childbirth are necessary
(3) When childcare is difficult for disease and obstacle
(4) When we care for sick person and person with a disability
(5) When we go to university and vocational school, technical school
(6) When we are looking for work
(7) Time (※) which parental leave is finished, and returns to work
(8) When we restore disasters such as home or neighboring fire
(9) When there might be DV (domestic violence) from abuse or spouse

(※) Use of principle application is not possible because we can raise during parental leave at home.
Available day after the parental leave is after 1st in month when day when parental leave is finished belongs.

The use application of 2020

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