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Temporary childcare

Last update date May 20, 2019

It is ... with temporary childcare

We plan case that comes to have difficulty in childcare at home and cancellation of childcare anxiety of protector by part working or illness, hospitalization such as protectors temporarily, and childcare is system to keep elementary school student to reduce burden (childcare), and to do at one time.

Type of 1 temporary childcare

About type of temporary childcare
TypeContentsThe use limit
Atypical childcareBy working, vocational training or attendance at school such as protectors, childcare at home takes elementary school student becoming difficult intermittently.Three days a week or
Less than 120 hours a month

Urgent childcare

By illness, hospitalization such as protectors, unavoidable reason including ceremonial occasion, I urgently take elementary school student which childcare is necessary for temporarily.

It is less than 14 days in once in succession
Refresh childcareOf protector accompanied with childcare take elementary school student temporarily to be physical, and to dissolve psychological burden.It is less than one day about one application

About elementary school student targeted for 2

Preschooler who is not registered at the authorization nursery school (including member of Yokohama nersery room, home childcare welfare)

About 3 childcare time

As a general rule, it is open childcare time for each nursery school.

About pickup and drop-off of 4 elementary school student

As we do not take to and from in nursery school, protector takes responsibility, and I would like pickup and drop-off of elementary school student.

About 5 protector burdens

Toward the protector, please bear fee (day's sum) that each nursery school fixes for the use every day.
When you have elementary school student checked, please pay in nursery school. In addition, the actual expenses such as the food expenses may be needed as well as fee. Please refer to each nursery school for the details.

About use of 6 application

Apply for childcare conduct nursery school directly at one time. It becomes contract with protector and nursery school.
(other than the use application, we may have you submit other documents as needed.)
In addition, depending on the use staff, it may limit the use.

Temporary childcare conduct facility in 7 Tsurumi Ward

Temporary childcare conduct facilities in Tsurumi Ward (PDF: 702KB)

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