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Activity of inhabitant of a ward

Last update date March 12, 2019

Activity of inhabitant of a ward

Hobby, learning Social movement, volunteer Local action District round-table conference

Please use "totsuka inhabitant of a ward activity center".

  • In totsuka inhabitant of a ward activity center, we loan machine, copier, locker in conduct such as reporting of various social movements, lifelong learning activities, volunteer activity or course, the training, exchange meeting, offer of place as bases such as meeting rooms, press, paper occasion. In addition, coordinator copes with consultation about social movement and overall lifelong learning.
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    totsuka inhabitant of a ward activity center
    Address: 91-1, Kawakamicho, Totsuka-ku Morella the third floor of Higashitotsuka (from JR Higashi-Totsuka Station West Exit a 1-minute walk)
    Telephone: 045-825-6773 FAX: 045-825-6774
    For more information:(to "totsuka inhabitant of a ward activity center" homepage) (the outside site)
  • About "Totsuka Ward lifelong learning support center" on Totsuka Ward synthesis the second floor of the Government building and "social movement, school support volunteer coordinates window," we finished service offer.

■Item concerned

While ward office argues with inhabitants of a ward under the theme of "inhabitant of a ward and problem of district where the government works on by collaboration", hosted by Neighborhood Association, as for district round-table conference, is performed each alliance Neighborhood Associations of 18 districts in ward as place thinking about methods of solution.

We post district round-table conference (the outside site) held plan in 30

Of district round-table conference look back, and publish swing return marks until last year

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