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Walk map which walks former Tokaido Tozuka accommodation history

Last update date March 12, 2019

Walk map which walks history of former Tokaido Tozuka accommodation

Tozuka accommodation was the fifth from Nihonbashi and we made distance and were post town of 10 villages and a half (about 42km).
When traveler at the time left Edo in morning, we showed great bustle because it was most suitable as accommodation place of overnight eyes.

In Totsuka Ward, former Tokaido extends to north and south 11.7km around post town at the time.
In reference to history walk map, how still about over these left historic resources?
(we revised partly in January, 2017.)

Distribution place

Totsuka Ward government office information corner (the third floor), Ward Administration Promotion Division (the ninth-floor 93rd window)
Higashi-Totsuka Station service counter in the city hall
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Have walk map walking history of former Tokaido Tozuka accommodation(PDF: 2,008KB)
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The walk map back that walks history of former Tokaido Tozuka accommodation(PDF: 2,900KB)
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※We installed guidepost of former Tokaido in December, 2009.

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