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Former Tokaido Tozuka accommodation

Last update date March 12, 2019

Establishment of Tozuka accommodation was * rerukoto three years in 1601 (Keicho 6) when Fujisawa who was neighboring accommodation, accommodation of Hodogaya were established in 1604 (Keicho 9). In the fifth post town from Nihonbashi, it was in distance of 10 villages and a half (about 42km) from Nihonbashi of the starting point and it was most suitable as the first accommodation place of traveler who left Edo in the morning at the time and showed bustle that was more serious as accommodation of divergence of way of excursion to Kamakura, way of Oyama prayer.
Former Tokaido extends over the north and south direction in Totsuka Ward, and there is about 11.7km in total length. We are considered to be range of about 2.3km caught in two Mitsuke traces, and Tozuka accommodation is still full in that as center of Totsuka Ward.

Do you not walk former Tokaido Tozuka accommodation where precious historic resources are left?


"The fourth totsuka post town festival" is held on September 23, 2018. [finished]
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