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"The Kashio River story"

Last update date October 18, 2018

"The Kashio River story"

Primer "Kashio River story" of the Kashio River basin which can know Tozuka more.
You go to visit and check in various ways, and do you not make "the Kashio River story" only for you?

Photograph of booklet "Kashio River story"

It is fun contents which spelled this and that of river including introduction of history and role of river, plant growing in the Kashio River basin and insect and birds which make there place of habitation.
Please to attendant of natural observation and walk of riverside.
※Distribution of booklet was finished.
※As publication contents are things of (2004) at the time of issuance, contents may be different from the present.

48 pages of appearance A4 versions
(+2 color of four-colored page 32 16 pages)

Summary Kashio River basin
History of Totsukamachi and river
Story of river
Let's observe creature! nado

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