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oishiimonototsuka brand

"oishiimonototsuka brand" which we want to recommend to somebody unintentionally

Last update date June 10, 2020

With oishiimonototsuka brand

 We go for meal with family and friend and make souvenir and. There is "delicious thing" which we want to recommend to somebody to Tozuka unintentionally a lot. We had inhabitants of a ward recommend such a "delicious thing" and authorized as "oishiimonototsuka brand" in the Tozuka constituency system 75th anniversary.
 And we performed additional offer of authorized article on reaching the constituency system 80th anniversary and added 15 articles that gathered much recommendation newly. In addition, we authorized five articles that it was a lot of recommendation as "university student osusumeoishiimonototsuka brand" from students of university (Shonan medical care university, Meiji Gakuin University, Yokohama College of Pharmacy) with campus in Totsuka Ward newly.
 "oishiimonototsuka brand" which charm further added to. You go to shop, and please enjoy "delicious thing" of Totsuka Ward pride.
※As for the "oishiimonototsuka brand" authorization product, all 39 articles, "university student osusumeoishiimonototsuka brand" are all five articles. (as of June, 2020)


We authorized "oishiimonototsuka brand" 15 articles more on January 5, 2019.
     We authorized "university student osusumeoishiimonototsuka brand" five articles newly.

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