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Yokohama-shi social movement insurance (volunteer insurance)

Last update date March 11, 2019

Yokohama-shi social movement insurance (volunteer insurance)

Yokohama-shi bears premium beforehand that citizen feels relieved and can perform volunteer activity and we do insurance company and insurance contract and run. This insurance is not necessary for procedure for prior participation and registration.
City and insurance company examine by any chance whether we have you report the situation of everyday concrete volunteer activity contents and accident in writing when accident has happened, and activity and accident meet requirements of social movement insurance.
Please report to ward office General Affairs Division by any chance when accident has happened.

[target activity and eligible people]

Target activity and eligible people

Target volunteer activity

Eligible people

Activity of serving

・We work on protection to social welfare facilities
・We work on protection to elderly person, mind and body child with a disability, person
・Cleaning activities
・Resource recovery, recycling-related activities
・We work on the fund-raising that public group performs
・Local disaster prevention activity
・Road safety activity
・Community health hygiene activity
・Volunteer activity at the time of disaster

Person of activity

Sports, cultural activities

・Administration, instruction of sports activity
・Administration, instruction of cultural activities

Person of activity
(it excludes participant)

Other local actions・Administration of local resident organization
・Administration of local facility
・Administration such as inhabitant of a ward meetings

Person of activity

The city and district sponsorship, cosponsorship business・Administration such as inhabitant of a ward Festival, disaster drill, visit society, lecture, exhibition
・City commission volunteer

Person of activity
(it excludes participant)

Insurance application includes requirements.
As for the detailed contents, please see Civic Affairs Bureau homepage.
Inquiry over telephone ward office General Affairs Division (866-8307)
Or to Civic Affairs Bureau local action promotion section (671-3625).

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